12 Things Not To Do In New York City

The Big Apple is one of the greatest cities in the world. NYC has plenty of things to offer to almost every kind of visitor. The city never sleeps and has a distinctive feel to it. If you are visiting it for the first time, take a step back and try to acknowledge a few things. Before making your plan, consider the kind of things that you should not do in New York City to have a fulfilling travel experience.

1. Don’t visit the Times Square

This might surprise you, but you essentially don’t need to visit the iconic landmark until and unless you have a specific reason to go there. If it’s on your list, simply go there and click a few pictures. It is always overcrowded and the shops there offer the kind of products that can easily be brought from any online store.

New York City
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2. Think twice before visiting the High Line

Everyone likes to go to the High Line, which makes it pretty crowded. On an average weekend, it feels like as if it hosts the entire city. Think twice before including it in your list.

New York City
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3. Avoid taking the city cabs

If you want to get stuck in traffic for hours and pay an unreasonable amount for your ride, then taking city cabs would be your best option. Always prefer Uber or take the assistance of City Bikes to commute in the city. Take a cab only when you can’t pay the surge price or are running against the clock.

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New York City
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4. Don’t limit yourself to Broadway

While Broadway is an integral part of NYC, the city also offers a wide range of other theaters as well. Try to explore the local art scene and discover some of the rising performers instead.

Explore Broadway, New york

New York City
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5. Move out of Manhattan

Although Manhattan is one of the most visited boroughs in NYC, the city has so much more to offer than just skyscrapers. Visit other neighborhoods like Queens, Brooklyn, or even Staten Island to get a glimpse of the other side of the city.

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New York City
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6. Don’t eat like a tourist

Don’t visit those fancy restaurants. Instead, ask a local and get to know where the real New Yorkers prefer to eat.

New York City
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7. Step down from a bus tour

There are plenty of bus tours that might claim to get you familiar with the feel of the city. Not only are they pretty overpriced, they will never let you have a fulfilling experience. Instead, you should rather rent a car or even a bike and explore the city by yourself. Get in touch with the locals and be a part of the city in a natural way.

New York City
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8. Don’t over shop

A visit to your favorite stores might overwhelm you a little, but you should always try to resist the temptation. Look for the kind of stuff that you would exclusive get in NYC before making any purchase. Before buying anything, take a step back and try to save your hard-earned money.

New York City
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9. Don’t block the sideways

Just don’t do it. Don’t simply stop by in the middle of nowhere to check your text or gaze at a nearby building. You would surely bump into someone and might face an awkward situation. Always keep an eye on where you are heading and check your blindspot before taking a turn.

New York City
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10. Avoid taking the horse carriage ride

While the thought of it is quite fascinating, you need to think twice about the poor horse, who would get forced and beaten just to carry you along the Central Park. The mere thought of it is a little inhumane. Don’t you think so?

New York City
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11. Don’t visit the Statue of Liberty

Having a view of the iconic landmark from a nearby park or one of those ferries is pretty satisfying. Once you land there, you might feel a little isolated. There is nothing much to do there except looking at the skyline. Frankly, you can get a better view of the city from The Empire State Building.

New York City
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12. Don’t overlook the small landmarks

There are plenty of museums and hidden art galleries in the city that one can stumbled upon in the middle of nowhere. Always keep looking for such extraordinary places.

New York City
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Now when you are ready to make the most out of this city, we are sure you will have a great time exploring it. Plan your trip wisely and have the time of your life in NYC.