48 Hours In Casablanca, Morocco For Muslim Travelers

Casablanca is unlike any other places in Morocco. It is quite famous for its diverse culture and will let you see a whole new side of the country, unlike other cities Fes or Marrakech. If you are simply stopping by at this exotic city for a day or two, then don’t worry. We have come up with a quick guide that will let you make the most out of your trip in just 48 hours.

Day 1 Morning: Mosque Hassan II

Start your journey by visiting the renowned Mosque Hassan II. It is one of the major attractions of the city and is visited by thousands of people all over the world. An architecture marvel, it was built back in 1993 by King Hassan II. Also known as one of the most iconic structures of the country, it took more than 7 years to be constructed. Presently, it is considered as a major place of worship and can occupy around 25 thousand worshippers.

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Day 1: Visit the local market

Casablanca is called as a cultural hub of the country for a reason. A simple visit to the market will make you believe how diverse the city can be. Spend some time shopping and eating street food in the local markets. Browse the local handmade artifacts and take your favorite ones home for a great price. From nuts and dates to exotic oils of various kinds, one can get so many genuine things from the market.

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Day 1 Night: Dine-in with others

There are plenty of places in Casablanca for one to visit and dine-in like a local. Rick’s Cafe is one of the most preferred destinations for travelers. It serves authentic Moroccan food and will give you a chance to talk to other friendly travelers. It has a cozy setting and is pretty affordable as well.

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Day 2 Morning: Nouvelle Ville

Give your morning a fresh start and move away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Don’t be like any other random traveler and pick the most obvious places. Nouvelle Ville is a small colony in Casablanca and is known for its imperial French architecture. This is where the French used to operate from back in 1912. The buildings are mostly painted white in color and feature an age-old charm that will let you take back in time.

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Day 2 Noon: Brunch and Sight-seeing at the Port

After witnessing the beauty of the French colony, visit La Sqala, an imperial café located inside a castle. The structure was originally built in the 18th century on the edge of the old walled city. The place will let you have an exotic local meal with all the tangy and delicious spices. It has an extensive menu of cuisines for one to choose from and will certainly treat your appetite. Furthermore, the place is nearby the Port of Casablanca. After grabbing a bite, take a stroll at the port and get to know how the locals spend their day.

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Day 2: The Ruins of Volubilis

Casablanca is one such place where you can see a reflection of several cultures. After grabbing a bite, take a tour of this spectacular UNESCO world heritage site. It will take you only a few hours to travel to Volubilis and will be a perfect way to bid goodbye to this majestic city. It features the ruins of an entire Roman city and will let you witness some of the best-kept secrets of the empire. If you have a thing for history, then you should definitely not miss this site!

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Casablanca is one of the best places to visit for any Muslim traveler. Even when you are in this exotic city for a day or two, you can certainly make the best out of your trip. Visit some of its most iconic landmarks, but also make time to interact with the locals and shop. You never know, you might end up buying something magical!