48 Hours In Johannesburg, South Africa For Muslim Travelers

Are you traveling to the City of Gold, but only for a few days? Don’t worry! You can still make the most out of your trip. Johannesburg is one of the most visited cities in South Africa and has plenty of things to offer to its Muslim travelers. Don’t invest your time simply commuting from one place to another. Set your priorities straight and visit these exotic places in a matter of just 48 hours.

Day 1: Nizamiye Masjid

This is one such destination that attracts most of the Muslim travelers to the city. First of all, commence your journey to the biggest city in South Africa by visiting this Iconic landmark. Nizamiye Masjid is the biggest mosque in the Southern Hemisphere and took more than 3 years to be constructed. As a result, it was open to visitors back in 2012 and ever since has been a major landmark of the city. The complex has its own clinic, market, university, and schools. Though, it is the Masjid that hosts most of the travelers and worshipers for its outlandish architecture and beauty.

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Day 1: Visit the market

There are plenty of local markets in the city that one can visit. If the ‘Neighbourgoods’ Market is open during your stay, then you should definitely pay it a visit. The market has a major influence of both French and Spanish culture and will let you have a look at the local scene as well. One can also grab a bite of some local street food here without any hassle.

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Day 1: Butcher Shop restaurant

The renowned Butcher Shop restaurant and grill is located at the Mandela Square. You can also pay respect to the great man and visit the local shops as well. There is also a shopping center nearby that can be visited if you have some spare time before heading to the Butcher Shop. The place serves all kinds of meats and you would easily get some tempting Halal food here.

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Day 2: Auckland Park

Wake up a little early the next morning and visit the Auckland Park. The suburb will give you an opportunity to see how the local residents live. There are some unique bookshops as well that should definitely be visited if you are a bibliophile.

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Day 2: The Cradle of Humankind

Located only a few miles away from the main city, the UNESCO world heritage site will let you visit remarkable caves and museums at a minimum ticket of just $16. The paleoanthropological site will let you see the primitive fossils and historical figures. One can definitely have a look at how humans have evolved over time here. If you want to go a little offbeat, then you should definitely pay this fascinating site a visit.

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Day 2: Market Theatre

Also known as “The Theater of The Struggle”, it hosts plenty of cultural evening programs that should not be missed. From local artists to international ones, it has hosted plenty of icons. The theater usually hosts the kind performances that trigger a change in our society. Have a look at the ongoing itinerary and if it interests you, you should surely spare some time. Furthermore, if you are hungry, you can grab a bite at places like Coobs, CNR Café, or NexDor.

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Day 2: Melville

This chic suburb of Johannesburg will let you put an end to your journey in the most fashionable way. Furthermore, the place is known for its Bohemian feel and will let you witness the new-age of South Africa in all its beauty. Let go of yourself a little and enjoy the nightlife. There are plenty of amazing cafes and bars here that can be visited without compromising your safety.

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Johannesburg is one of the most significant cities in Africa and certainly has a lot of things to offer. Pick your destinations wisely and make the most out of your trip.

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