Airport Wi-Fi: The Map You Desperately Need

Can we all agree that Airport Wi-Fi is darn expensive and it’s totally not worth it? However we might have something we would like to share with you…

First of all,have you heard of the name,Anil Polat ? He’s a  computer security engineer who also blogs about travelling and  he came up with this amazing piece of map containing all the Wi-Fi passwords of Airports and Lounges thereby. It comes for free too.

Airport Wi-Fi Map
Source: Google Map

Not to mention, the airport Wi-Fi map contains passwords for almost every significant airport lounges around the world. To be precise, it has passwords of around 127 different airports and lounges and still counting. Then again, the password changes every now and then. In order to tackle that, he continually updates the info; the last of which was done on December 7, 2016.

Hence, the next time you are travelling a new airport, just look up the password from the map. The map comes with the courtesy of this blog

Moreover, Polat encourages contributing info from fellow travelers. At the same time, he updates any change in info immediately after his verification. Finally, there is also an offline app, WiFox, containing this map. You can download it from the App Store, Google Play, as well as Amazon.