Best Travel Challenges to Add on Your Bucket List This 2017!

The new year is coming, and you know what that means: Resolutions! There are many promises to be made for the year ahead, with many people pledging to become better people. This will call for the many lifestyle changes in health or attitude. One thing you should also try adding to your list would be to instill a love for traveling. You’ll get to explore different places and cultures, opening your eyes to a whole new perspective. It’s definitely something to look forward to. Wondering what to add to your bucket list or resolutions for 2017? We’ll show you the best travel challenges to try out!

Best Travel Challenges for 2017

Here are our top 3 picks on what you should do when traveling this 2017:

1. Climb at least 3 mountains in the Philippines


The Philippines is home to a ton of islands and mountains. You can go on a budget climb, with expenses as inexpensive as $7 for a day hike! Put your fitness to the test and climb at least 3 mountains during your stay in the Philippines.  We recommend that you visit Mt. Sipit Ulang if you’re up for a challenge and if you’re a beginners, try Mt. Batolusong

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2. Go on a street food trip in China


China is not only home to the wonderful culture and beautiful landmarks, but it has delicious and unique street food you can’t find anywhere else. Not only that but they are delicious and dirt cheap! Try dishes made out of jellyfish or octopus, putting your taste buds to the challenge. You’ll definitely have a great time exploring the different authentic Chinese cuisine for as low as $1 a dish!

3. Haggle your way through the night markets of Malaysia


The awesome thing about Malaysia is their night markets that offer a variety of items, from local souvenirs down to clothes. Not only are they inexpensive, but you’ll still be able to haggle and buy the best at affordable prices. Try putting your haggling skills to the test and get the awesome deals and discounts on souvenirs for your loved ones back home. It’s a fun and challenging activity everyone enjoys!

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In Conclusion

2017 is a time to feel new and challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zones. And what other awesome way will you be able to do that other than traveling? You’ll get to experience a ton of new things and get to ignite your passion. With these best travel challenges, you won’t only feel fulfilled, but you will also thank yourself in the long run. From budget travels to exploring the oddest food, you’ll definitely have the time of your life .