The Correct Ways to Pronounce City Names

When it comes to pronouncing the names of the cities (or even countries) in the world, we all use our mother-tongue language to determine the pronunciation. However, we tend to overlook the fact that perhaps, the native speakers might pronounce them differently. With the help of Thrillophilia, we are compiling some of the famous destination names you might have mispronounced for your whole life. The website has prepared cool graphics that depict the correct ways to pronounce cities names correctly. There might be some difficulty on your side to pronounce them just like the locals, but we bet they would appreciate it if they see us putting a little bit more effort to pronounce their city name correctly. Therefore, the next time you are about to travel to the city of Beijing, say it like a local: “Bey-Jing”, instead of “Bay-Zhhing!”.

The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names – Beijing, China

The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names - Beijing China
The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names – Beijing China

The capital of China, Beijing, is pronounced as “Bei-Jing”. It ends with a solid ‘j’, rather than a ‘zhing’ sound.

The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names – Bangkok, Thailand

The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names - Bangkok Thailand
The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names – Bangkok Thailand

The locals pronounce the first syllable as “bhang” instead of a “bang” sound. They also pronounce the last syllable as “gawk”. “Bahng-Gawk” is the perfect pronunciation!

The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names – Montreal, Canada

The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names - Montreal Canada
The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names – Montreal Canada

The next time you are to have a holiday in Montreal, Canada, pronounce the name of the city as “Mun-tree-all”.

The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names – Reykjavik, Iceland

The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names - Raykjavik Iceland
The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names – Raykjavik Iceland

The spelling of the city name is already funky, do not mess things up further by pronouncing it wrongly. Address the city as “Rey-kya-vik”!

The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names – Melbourne, Australia

The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names - Melbourne Australia
The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names – Melbourne Australia

The people of Melbourne pronounce their city name rather quickly and briefly – “Melb’n”.

The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names – Versailles, France

The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names - Versailles France
The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names – Versailles France

Most of us messed up the pronunciation of the famous city in France, Versailles. The correct way to pronounce it is “Ver-Sye”, instead of “Ver-Saylz”.

The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names – Worcester, UK

The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names - Worchester UK
The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names – Worchester UK

When it comes to pronouncing Worchester, keep in mind that the “ces” part in the name is muted, it is simply pronounced as “Woos-ter”.

The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names – Lafayette, USA

The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names - Budapest Hungary
The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names – Budapest Hungary

This is another common mistake – pronouncing Lafayette in the USA as “Lah-fey-et”. You should pronounce it as “Laff-ee-yet”. Can you notice the subtle difference in the middle part?

The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names – Budapest, Hungary

The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names - Budapest Hungary
The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names – Budapest Hungary

You should end the pronunciation of Budapest with a “Pesht”, instead of “pest”. Call it “Boo-da-pesht” and impress a local with your fluency!

The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names – Dubai, UAE

The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names - Dubai UAE
The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names – Dubai UAE

Dubai is becoming more and more a famous global destination amongst travelers and tourists. The next time you are about to book a flight ticket to this glorious desert city, pronounce it as “Du-Bay”, rather than “Boo-Bye”.

The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names – Yosemite Park, USA

The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names - Yosemite USA
The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names – Yosemite USA

Yosemite Park is a famous national park in the USA. Many do not realize that the correct ways to pronounce the park is “Yoh-Sem-It-Ee”, and not “Yo-Se-Mi-Nee” or “Yo-Se-Might”!

The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names – Worcestershire, UK

The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names - Woscestershire UK
The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names – Woscestershire UK

There is a sauce that goes with a similar name of this city, and if you can pronounce it correctly, you will impress both the locals and chefs simultaneously. Pronounce it as “Wusta-Shee”, instead of “Wor-Chester-Shyr”.

The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names – Phuket, Thailand

The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names - Phuket Thailand
The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names – Phuket Thailand

Start the pronunciation of Phuket with a solid ‘p’, rather than ‘f’. “Poo-Get” is the correct way to pronounce the name of the famous island, rather than “Foo-Kit” or “Fuh-Ket”.

The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names – Brisbane, Australia

The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names - Brisbane Australia
The Correct Ways to Pronounce Cities Names – Brisbane Australia

Last but not least, Brisbane. Many people pronounce it wrongly as “Bris-Bayne”. You should make the ending short and quick – “Bris’bn”!

Travel to one of the famous destinations above and make sure to pronounce the cities names correctly next time. Fancy going to any of the cities above, book with and enjoy great savings! Save more, travel more!


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