Fun Things to Do in Krabi Thailand

Besides than Phuket and Koh Samui, Krabi has started to earn its spot in the most-visited islands in Thailand. Unlike the other two destinations, Krabi is still relatively a new commercialized attraction. The island beautifully retains its charms with its down-to-earth and peaceful town but never fail to mesmerize with its picture-perfect coastline and tropical forests. If you have never been to this destination and would like to plan for fun things to do in Krabi Thailand, you are at a right place! We will share with you some of the activities that you can do while vacationing in this beautiful tropical island!

Fun Things to Do in Krabi Thailand – Hike to Viewpoint at Railay Beach

Fun Things to Do in Krabi Thailand - Hike to Viewpoint at Railay Beach
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One of the fun things that you can do while having a holiday in Krabi is to hike the viewpoint at one of the famous beaches in Krabi – Railay Beach. The view of this beach will make you feel as if you have just found a piece of paradise on earth! While hiking, you will be able to enjoy the tropical forest and at the viewpoint, you will be able to savor the stunning backdrop all the way to Tonsai Beach!

Fun Things to Do in Krabi Thailand – Sample Local Foods at Morning or Night Market

Fun Things to Do in Krabi Thailand - Morning and Night Market
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One of the most authentic ways to experience the culture of Krabi is by visiting the morning and night market in this place. Here, you will be able to get closer to the local communities and watch them go through with their daily lives. Plus, there are many mouthwatering and cheap local foods that you can sample and enjoy.

Fun Things to Do in Krabi Thailand – Sea Kayaking


Another fun activity that you can do in Krabi is sea kayaking. It is a unique way to enjoy the gorgeous, clear, blue sea water. You can also kayak your way to the mangrove forest and experience the scenery and sounds of the place. Head over to Thalane Bay and do your kayak activity during the mid to high tide time. You can access some of the smaller routes and enjoy the view of the limestone caves.

Fun Things to Do in Krabi Thailand – Chill at Phi Phi Islands


Phi Phi Islands is a must-visit place while vacationing in Krabi. This small islands became famous since the release of the film “The Beach”. This is where most of the scenes of the film were taken, and it is because of one good reason: the view on this island is picturesque and postcard perfect! Try to go here early in the morning to avoid massive tourist crowd who, just like you, would not want to miss witnessing the magical view of Phi Phi with their own eyes.

Fun Things to Do in Krabi Thailand – Island Hopping to Four Famous Islands


Island hopping is another fun and memorable activity that you can do in Krabi, Thailand. There are four famous islands that you must visit in this activity, and they are Koh Tup, Koh Gai, Koh Poda and Koh Mor. On these islands, you will be able to enjoy the stunning Andaman coastline. You can rent one of the available speed boats at Ao Nang and spend your day visiting these four beautiful islands.

Fun Things to Do in Krabi Thailand – Go Elephant Trekking

Fun Things to Do in Krabi Thailand - Elephant Trekking
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Besides than its beaches, coral lives and mangrove wildlife, Krabi is also very much well-known for its elephants. There are many packages that include elephant trekking in Krabi. Choose the one that include elephant trekking and bathing activities. You will be brought into the tropical jungle and across palm plantation by riding on the back of the big mammal. Try to go in the morning for a more pleasant experience and to avoid the heat of the sun.

Fun Things to Do in Krabi Thailand – Have a Dip in Emerald Pool

Emerald Blue Pool, Krabi, Thailand
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Emerald Pool in Khlong Thorn district, Krabi, offers another fun activity for you to do – a dip in a warm emerald-colored pool! The crystal blue color of the pool is almost unreal. Here, you will be able to enjoy yourself swimming in the gorgeous pool, with other tourists. To avoid the crowd, make sure you go to Emerald Pool in the morning. There is also Blue Pool in this area but, unfortunately, it is not opened for swimming.

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