Top 10 Festivals to Visit in Asia

There’s something about Asia that other countries around the world do not have. Asia has such a unique and vast culture that makes us want to visit all the places there. It’s a wonderful experience, with tons of different things to learn.

You’re getting out of your comfort zone as you meet new people, learn new languages, experience new things, and eat all the authentic food outside the usual burgers and fries! Visiting Southeast Asia is definitely something travelers must do at least once in their lifetime. If you’re planning to check out the things Southeast Asia has to offer, then don’t only settle for the historical landmarks, but make sure you visit their festivals as well!

The continent is home to tons of fun and beautiful festivals to attend, and you’ll definitely feel the culture and spirit when experiencing these festivals firsthand. I’ll be showing you the top 10 festivals you must visit in Southeast Asia for your next trip!

Asia’s 10 Festivals You Should Be Looking Out For

Harbin International Ice & Snow Sculpture Festival in China

One of the largest and most popular winter festivals in the world is held in China, where beautiful ice sculptures and light shows are seen here. It’s held from January to February, with sculptures starting to be formed by the artists starting in December. It’s great for families to see the beautiful snow sculptures being built. Just remember to pack for the cold weather!

Thaipusam in Malaysia

This is an eight-hour procession starting from Sri Mahamariamman Temple in Kuala Lumpur, ending in the temple of Batu Caves (after a climb of 272 steps going up!) a bit outside Kuala Lumpur. Thousands of tourists line up here to celebrate this festival, which usually happens in January or February. This is recommended for those who love to experience the culture and get a bit of exercise, as the staircase going up is a challenge itself!

Chinese New Year in Singapore

While Chinese New Year is celebrated throughout many Southeast Asian countries, a trip to Singapore is possibly the best decision to celebrate. They have a three-day festival which consists of a lot of dragon parades, street parties, fireworks and more festivities! It’s held either in January or February, depending on the calendar.

Holi Festival in India

This is called the Festival of Love, where an explosion of colors come in! It’s the celebration of the beginning is spring and the Hindu New Year, the time to rekindle relationships and create better ones. It begins with a bonfire the night before the festival, and once the day begins, you are greeted with dancing, singing, and the throwing of colored powder as a way to celebrate and give goodwill to others. It happens somewhere in March every year.

Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taiwan

Of all the lantern parades you’ll see around the world, Taiwan will have the best of them all. This is held during the first full-moon night of a lunar year, which usually falls in February or March. Thousands of lanterns are released at night, filled with wishes and love of those who release it. Definitely a romantic and beautiful festival to experience!

Songkran in Thailand

This is the world’s biggest water fight, held in April during the New Year’s Day in Thailand. It’s the most energetic and popular of all their festivals, so expect a ton of water thrown at you as a blessing to welcome the hot weather and the new year ahead!

Boryeong Mud Festival in South Korea

This is held in mid-July, with a different kind of mud made of mineral being thrown! There are loads of mud-related events to expect, from mud wrestling down to mud sliding! The closing weekend is the best, as it is filled with fireworks displays and awesome mud adventure games to cap off the festival.

Winter Light Festival in Kuwana, Japan

This is one of the most beautiful festivals you will ever visit. It’s a light show created by 7 million LED lights powered by solar panels, with different themes shown every year. This festival lasts from mid-November to March, the easiest way to go there is to fly in Nagoya, Japan.

Aguman Sanduk in the Philippines

This is one of the most interesting of festivals, with men dressed up in sequined bras and dresses! It’s held in January as a fun way to celebrate New Year’s Day, with the best place to celebrate it being in Manila.

Bon Om Tuk in Cambodia

This is usually held in November after the rainy season to celebrate the start of the dry season. It lasts for three days and is filled with parades, firework displays, and the infamous dragon boat racing!

Planning on going to Southeast Asia? Your trip won’t be complete if you haven’t visited any of these festivals! Add them to your bucket list to visit them next time you’ll be planning your vacation! You’ll definitely have the best time experiencing the fun and festivities with the locals. Plus, you’ll get to learn a lot more through the different things you’ll be seeing throughout the celebration. Just make sure that you’re prepared and aware during festivals, though, as they may get crowded and messy.

You’ll be able to find out more about these festivals and book flights with package deals around those festival dates with your local travel agency or from trusted online sources. Start saving up for your next trip and attend any of these festivals for the ultimate experience!