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11 Most Beautiful Mosques You Must Visit On Your Next Trip To Indonesia!

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Indonesia hosts the world’s largest Muslim population in the world and is considered the home of millions of religious and grounded people. It is a land of friendly folks who are proud of their heritage. If you are planning a trip to this beautiful country, pay a visit to some of the most beautiful Indonesia mosques. From heritage sites to newly constructed marvels, we have brought a list of some of the best mosques of this exotic country.

1. Rahmatan Lil-Alamin Mosque

Rahmatan Lil-Alamin Mosque is situated in Indramayu. It is known as one of the most visited mosques in the entire country. The majestic structure features huge arches and an aesthetically pleasing design. The architecture can hold up to 100,000 people and is a prime tourist spot as well.

Masjid Rahmatan Lil Alamin, Al Zaytun.
Credit: arrezahfernanda
2. Dian Al Mahri Mosque

This mosque is located in Depok, West Java and also known as the Golden Dome mosque. The primary attraction of the landmark is its gold dome, which is considered as the most expensive one in the country.

Dian Al Mahri Mosque (also known as The Golden Dome Mosque)
Credit: meisadhith
3. Islamic Center Mosque

Islamic Center Mosque is located in Samarinda, renowned for a lot of reasons. This mosque has a similar architecture of internationally renowned mosques like The Artistic Mosque in Turkey or The Nabawi Mosque in Medina.

Masjid Islamic Center, Samarinda, Indonesia
Credit: maldumb_27
4. At-Tin Mosque

At-Tin Mosque located in Jakarta and is widely known for its unique and peculiar design. Also, read 15 halal fine dining restaurants you can visit in Jakarta.

Credit: alfabrillian
5. Istiqlal Mosque

Your trip to Indonesia will be incomplete without a visit to this majestic mosque. Istiqlal Mosque was originally built in 1970 and is considered to be the largest mosque in Southeast Asia. Located in Jakarta, it attracts thousands of pilgrims and travellers every day.

Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta, Indonesia is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia.
Credit: negaraserumpun
6. Makassar Mosque

As the name suggests, the mosque is located in Makassar and features an enchanting architecture. The dome of this significant landmark is its major attraction, which has been imported from Australia.

The mosque is located in Makassar and features an enchanting architecture.
Credit: masjidmakassar
7. Al-Akbar Mosque

Located in Surabaya, it is the largest mosque in East Java. The entire mosque was painted in blue and green, giving the structure a pleasant look and feel. Moreover, one can see its blue dome from a distance, which is also one of the unique aspects of this majestic landmark. In a matter of a few minutes, you will find peace and harmony in this serene mosque. Read Top 5 Indonesia Hiking Treks for Beginners.

Al-Akbar Mosque also known as Great Mosque of Surabaya, is a national mosque located in Surabaya, East Java.
Credit: suroboyobanget
8. The Great Demak Mosque

The mosque is known all over the country for various reasons and is located in Central Java. The influence of local Javanese architecture can be seen in the landmark, as it was originally built in the 15th century.

Masjid Agung Demak (or Demak Great Mosque) is one of the oldest mosques in Indonesia.
Credit: demak_hiitz
9. An-Nur Grand Mosque

Located in Riau, the mosque was built in 1968 and can accommodate up to four thousand devotees. It resembles The Taj Mahal and has an amalgamation of Persian, Indian, and Arabic architecture, which makes it such an enchanting landmark to visit.

An-Nur Great Mosque is a mosque located in Pekanbaru, Riau, Indonesia.
Credit: masjid_of_the_world
10. Kota Baru Parahyangan

The newest addition to various renowned mosques in Indonesia, it was constructed in 2010 and features a modern and a state of the art architecture. A marvel in its own way, the West Java mosque is visited by plenty of worshippers and travellers just to have a look at its surreal beauty.

Al-Irsyad Mosque
Credit: ernyhuang
11. Baiturrahman Grand Mosque

Lastly, but most significantly, we can’t conclude the list without the mosque that is widely known to survive the 2004 Tsunami disaster. Located in Aceh, Western Indonesia, it was originally built in 1612 and features the age-old charm of the Mughal architecture.

Baiturrahman Grand Mosque is a Mosque located in the center of Banda Aceh city, Aceh Province.
Credit: banggyu

Indonesia has plenty of things to offer for every kind of traveller. Last but not least, if you are visiting the country to see some of its most religious places, then it certainly won’t disappoint you at all.

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Visit these majestic Indonesia mosques and cleanse your soul and heart, while witnessing some of the most enchanting marvels of this beautiful country.