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11 To-Do-Things You Should Put in Your Checklist Before Going Out on Vacation!

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Hi, there, travellers! Where are you going to? A vacation? Pretty sure you that you forgot to tick these things before you are far, far away from home. 


1. Turn off the main water supply


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Before you left your home, make sure that you turn off the tap and main water supply before leaving your home. Avoid water wastage while you out for vacation.

2. Unplug electronic devices


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Electronic devices may cause a short circuit and burn your house. Make sure to unplug your electronic devices because if you still plug on your electronic devices, the electricity still charging to your electric extension.

3. Pay bills (telephone, electricity, water etc)


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Got your paycheck? Settle your bills before you head out to your dream vacation! You can spend more on your vacation happily if you have settled your bills. Make sure to settle your electricity bill, water bills, telephone bills etc to ensure that you do not need to settle it after you back to your home while you have a little amount of money in your account.

4. Stop mail/newspaper service


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Call your mail or newspaper service to stop your mail or newspaper services while you are away for the safety issues reason. The thief may think that you are away from your home if they notice there are stacked of newspaper in front of your house.

5.Alert your neighbourhood security


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Ring your neighbourhood security if you are away from home for more than 2 days! Crimes can happen anywhere if you do not take any precaution in the first place. Try to avoid any factor that would contribute to the chances of your house to be the next victim while you are on vacation.

6. Travel insurance


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Get your travel insurance from trusted agents to secure your health and emergency cases when you are sick and need to be hospitalised while you are travelling. Apart from that, find a trusted agent to avoid scam in dealing with your travel insurance.

7. Make a few copies of important documents


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Make sure to photocopy a few copies of your important documents in case your documents are stolen or lost. Do not hesitate to report it to the embassy or you may have trouble when you are wondering around the countries.

8. Take out the trash, clean the sink, no perishable food left


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Cleanliness is crucial. Do not forget to take out the trash before maggots breed in your bin. Clean your sink and ensure there are no leftover foods left in the sink and no perishable food that easily damaged left in the refrigerator. Because your kitchen and refrigerator will smelly when you back from your holiday.

9. First aid kit/medicine


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You may think you need a big box of first aid kit to bring when you are travelling right? Nahhhh… just take a few medicines that you need such as some pills for a headache, flu, hand plaster, “Minyak Cap Kapak” and you are good to go!

10. Bring chargers/adapters


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Chargers and adapters are essential when you are travelling. Before you start to charge your phone, you need an adapter because different countries in this world differ from one another. To avoid problems, make sure to bring your own adapter and chargers.

11. Send your pets for boarding


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Love your cats, dogs, birds etc? Send them for boarding while you are travelling! Pets can live independently but they may suffer from loneliness if they had no pair and you are far far away from home.


Have fun lovelies!


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Much love,

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