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30 Things To Do For Free in KL

There is saying that goes, the best things in life are free. Whether or not you think this is true, perhaps, a little free treat here and there could do the soul good. It makes you think of all the possibilities that can be done, without having to worry about spending cash. Tripfez has compiled an exclusive list of 30 things to do FREE in Kuala Lumpur. Are you ready for the free treat? Let’s dive in!

1) Cycling

Go cycling at KL’s Green loop whereby it is a program to encourage more cyclists, walkers, and skateboarders to go on the road and to attract KL-­ites as well as tourists to participate more KL’s activities. Also to create revenue for retailers located in the Golden Triangle.

2) Visit Galleries

A good gallery to start with is ILHAM which is a public art gallery which is dedicated to supporting the growth, comprehension and gratification of Malaysian contemporary art. Their goals are to bring people closer to art, artists, and their notions.

3) Watch Oldies Movies

At the Screening Room of Hotel Majestic Kuala Lumpur, there is a venue provided that screens the classic movies, starting from the ‘30s onwards. Their private cinema which is equipped with leather reclining chairs is perfect for theatre-style presentations and movie sessions for small groups.

4) Bonding at the Parks

There are many parks around KL, but the famous one would be the Lake Gardens, KL. Usually, a family would come here to do recreational activities like running, strolling or just even breathe in the fresh air while bonding.

5) Shop at the Free Market or #PasarPercuma

kredit: freemarket

This is an awesome concept whereby people can just BRING SOMETHING, TAKE SOMETHING, NO MONEY NEEDED and it is totally FREE! You can check their FB Page here: Pasar Percume FB Page for updated events.

6) Visit the Petronas Twin Towers

You can go up to the Skybridge and Observation Deck, however, to go here, it is not a free entrance anymore. So what do we advise? You can just go around the Tower, take photos of the remarkable skyscrapers and enjoy what they provide around the vicinity!

7) Take a Historical Walk At The Colonial British Buildings

Built in 1897, the Sultan Abdul Samad building is among KL’s very first colonial British buildings and it is located at the East of Merdeka Square as well as the Royal Selangor Club, just across from Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin. By wandering around this area, you will be taken back to the British bygone era and guess what? It is totally FREE!

8) Watch a Performance

You can go to Central Market to catch unique and entertaining cultural dance shows every Friday starting at 8 pm. For those who love martial arts, come by at 8pm on Saturdays and for music lovers, come over to this area every Sunday afternoon at 3pm.

9) Trekking

There are many hills to be hiked around KL, suitable for an easy stroll or hardcore hikes. All you have to bring or have is a bottle of water, a good pair of sneakers and of course the right determination! Some trekking recommendation in KL is Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve Trail and Canopy Walk in FRIM.

10) Check Out Local Crafts At The Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex

The Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex is the city’s remarkable art centre and it offers the locals as well as International visitors a myriad collection of stunning craft products. From souvenirs, interior decorations, costume, jewellery, latest fashion fabrics, garden and landscape decorations as well as everyday use products, you will be amazed at what you can explore here for free! But, be ready to be tempted to get a thing or two.

11) Visit a Night Market or ‘Pasar Malam’

Pasar Malam has been around Malaysia and in Kuala Lumpur particularly for many decades now. And since the 90s’ the Night Markets have been introduced to tourists as one of the must-do things when visiting this country. Now, it has evolved into a whole new experience. Food, clothes, beverages, items, you name it they have it. If you can control yourself, just strolling around the Night Markets in KL can give you the pleasure of engaging in a No-money involve activity.

12) Visit Vintage and Bundle Shops

What’s not FREE about this? Just come by to Red Crescent Shop, Vintage Moonriver, KLBC thrift shop, The Bless Shop, Bongkar Vintage and Oldees to name a few of the well-known vintage and bundle shops around KL and check-out the items they have. Unless you are lured to buy, then this is still a FREE activity to be done in KL!

13) Wander Along Petaling Street

Credit: shahsafu

This is one of KL’s busiest shopping zones, none other than the Petaling Street. Here, take your time and go from stall to stall checking out clothes, shoes, accessories or even just people-watching. A good way to see how the people of many walks go through their days at a renowned area in KL.

14) Enjoy Free Walking Tours

Why not explore Kuala Lumpur on foot? Did you know that the Kuala Lumpur City Hall offers splendid FREE guided walking tours? In Kampong Bharu, which is a local Malay village within the capital, as well as a tour at the Merdeka Square which is the colonial heart of the metropolis. Jalan-Jalan @ Kampung Bru guided walk is FREE for all and is done on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays starting from 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm and the Merdeka Square Tour is conducted on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays starting from 8:30 am to 11:45 am.

15) Ride a Bus

Credit: arielfreariel

Yes! Go ride a FREE bus by using Go KL City Bus service. It is a S.P.A.D initiative to enhance the public mobility into the Central Business District (CBD) of KL. By using this free service, the locals and tourists alike can enjoy Go KL as it stops at many interesting attractions as well as important business centres. So, if you don’t know what to do the next time you are in KL, eye for the light purple bus, hop on and enjoy the FREE ride!

16) Go to Batu Caves and Climb Up 272 steps

Being an iconic spot, you can come to Batu Caves and look at the huge golden statue of the Hindu God, Lord Murugan at its main entrance. Prepare yourself to climb up the 272 steps and explore the beautiful views and paintings of the Hindu deities at the Ramayana Cave.

17) Go to Publika!

Why go to Publika? Well, this is a Shopping Gallery that possesses 250 shops which include eccentric boutiques, diners, modern market, art galleries, bookstore, conveniences, children’s enrichment and a lot more! Now you understand why you need to go to Publika, as there are many things for you to figure out what to do here. Plus during weekends, they usually organized a lot of events so this can be a nice place to hang out.

18) Rock Climbing at Batu Caves

Batu Caves again? Batu Caves is not only famous for its 272 steps, but it also has 4 spots of the limestone hill for rock climbing. The climbing activity is free of charge unless you want to enrol in courses.

19) Read a Book

Go seek for new reading materials at the KL Book Exchange in Taman Desa Subang Jaya Book Exchange as it encourages avid readers to bring their old books in exchange for other pre-loved books! This is a good way to not only enjoy a FREE activity but also to improve your existing book collection and make new friends!

20) Snap beautiful photos

What is expensive about this activity? NONE. It is definitely FREE if you know where to go snap those beautiful pictures. Go around KL, find your theme and just start snapping using a DSLR or perhaps just your smartphone.

21) Visit Sacred Places

Credit: bon.voyage93

Be mesmerized by the houses of God around KL don’t need a lot of expenses, in fact, you can do it for free. Kuala Lumpur is abundant with mosques, churches, temples that portray the diversity of Malaysian society. Some of the sanctuaries include the National Mosque, St. Mary Anglican Cathedral or even Thean Hou Temple.

22) Play With Silverleaf Monkeys at Kuala Selangor

Who doesn’t like the fact of being able to encounter wildlife even in the metropolis? Located just a half-hour drive from the heart of KL centre, Kuala Selangor is a spot where you can see the Silverleaf monkeys. Usually, tourists will come here and bring fruits and veggies to offer this cute, shy yet friendly creature.

23) Gardening

Credit: The Free Tree Society KL

Go and unleash your gardening skill. The Free Tree Society KL (FTSKL) provides gloves and all tools to volunteers that would want to be part of this great community. Aside from it being free, you get to contribute to Mother Nature as well.

24) Go to Royal Selangor Visitor Center

The Royal Selangor Pewter Factory and Visitor Centre offer captivating awareness into Malaysia’s deep cultural heritage via the lens of one of its most leading crafts. Both entries and guided tours of the factory and centre are free and it opens daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

25) Eye on the Rhythmic Water Fountain in KLCC

Set your eyes on the rhythmic water fountain shows in KLCC whereby different songs and musical arrangements are conducted during the evenings. Aside from that go stroll around KLCC Park and enjoy the surroundings.

26) Be an ‘Interior Designer’ For a Day

Credit: misshanihabban

By that, it means to go to IKEA and possibly unleash the interior designer’s intuition within you. With all the amazing and inspiring furniture design, absorbing ideas won’t cost you a single buck.

27) Give Back to the Community

Credit: kecharasoupkitchensociety

Instead of just taking and getting in life, it is nice to sometimes give back to the community as a change. It helps you to be more grateful for life. Join the Kechara Soup Kitchen which operates around Jalan Imbi, KL whereby they distribute food to the homeless and the urban poor society. This s your time to REACH OUT!

28) Test Drive

Work with the Law of Attraction and go and drive your DREAM CAR! Test driving is definitely FREE as most dealerships will allow their valuable clients to go for a test drive. Some of the many car dealers that allow this are Audi, BMW, and Volkswagen.

29) Play or Watch Quidditch

Credit: damansara.quidditch

Do you even know what this is? Quidditch is a competitive sport in the Magical World of the Harry Potter universe, featured in the famous series of books and movies. Yes, interesting right? No, you don’t have to travel far to try this out, Malaysia, in fact, has its own quidditch team which is the Damansara Dementors.

30) Write

This might sound awkward, but I have to put it in. We have many blog and travel writers out there. So once you are in KL, go around the city, find your inspiration, pick a cool nook and start writing about your experience in KL. It is definitely FREE to be done!

Wow, that was quite a number of FREE activities. I hope that after going through this long list, you will be inspired to at least try one or two activities and share with us your experience about it. Always remember, sometimes to enjoy life, you don’t have to spend money, as long as you know how to work around it, you are good to go!