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3D2N in Macau: The Finest Itineraries for Travelers

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Macau is known to be the Las Vegas of Asia. Why it wouldn’t be? As a matter of fact, you can find all the prestigious casinos in sin city here. At the same time, it also has some historical places to see. However, Macau is not a very large place geographically. For this reason, spending 3 days should be enough to experience most of what Macau has to offer.

So, let’s get on with our carefully planned 3 days & 2-night itineraries that cover almost everything significant in Macau.

Day 1: Arrival and History Lesson

If you are going there from Hong Kong, you can take a 1-hour long ferry trip to Macau.
Credit: grgrgrshark

There are two ways to get to Macau. If you are going there from Hong Kong, you can take a 1-hour long ferry trip to Macau. Otherwise, you can also reach there at Macau International Airport. There are plenty of hotels in Macau near both of the places. So, we suggest you book your preferred one beforehand.

  • First of all, check-in your hotel in the early morning. Relax a bit and have your breakfast.
  • Get into any of the Chinese or Portuguese restaurant nearby and order some halal food. Because French restaurants tend to use wine in everything and may not be Halal.
Historic Centre of Macau is classified as UNESCO World Heritage site.
Credit: kotori37ohyama
  • Next, you may want to take a cab to the Macau Historic Center. Collectively, this site has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site. While the site contains a 15th century Taoist Temple, it also has the burned down version of the once largest Christian Church in Asia.
  • After spending a good amount of time at the Historic centre. It’s time to enjoy an afternoon coffee in Senado Square.
Enjoy the artifacts of past, present and future of Macau
Credit: missaries44
  • Since the Macau Museum is not so far away, take a short walk through the cannons at Monte Fort. When you reach the museum, enjoy the artefacts of past, present and future of Macau.
  • Later at night, have a leisurely dinner at Xin. In general, it is the favourite go-to place for travellers because of its wide array of soup bases and Chinese noodles.
  • If you are still not tired enough, stroll over to the City of Dreams. Because the entertaining show performed here is the most innovative and interactive. The show begins at 9:30pm.

Day 2: The Three Islands of Macau

Cotai Strip.
Credit: glp1979
  • Collectively, the Islands of Coloane, Taipa and Cotai is known as the three Islands of Macau. Recently, the three islands have been connected together to make one single piece of landmass. Nevertheless, the three islands still have something unique to offer separately.
  • To begin the day, take a morning walk down the Cheoc Van beach of Coloane. Otherwise, take a stroll through the streets of an authentic fishing village.
Coloane Hills
Credit: dadokit
  • Afterwards, have a nice breakfast of Portuguese tarts in the village. Then, take a hiking trails and reach to the top of the Coloane hills.
  • Anyways, don’t just stop there. Instead, head across the causeway to Taipa. In Taipa, enjoy your afternoon drinks.
The Venetian Macau
Credit: venetianmacau
  • As the night approaches, move towards the Cotai Strip. To clarify, this is the place that brought the fame of Sin City. In fact, it is the home to the world’s largest casino – Venetian Macau. Try a few hands or just enjoy the glitzy atmosphere.
  • Furthermore, Venetian Macau houses a lavish 15,000 seat arena where there is always a live performance going on. So, enjoy whatever show is on until it gets late at night.

Day 3: The Gardens, the Tower and the Shopping

As the previous day was long, and the night was short, enjoy the luxury of bed until it’s too late to get up. With this in mind, we have planned the last day in a very relaxing way. After all, you have still have a lot to see and do.

白鴿巢公園-Luis De Camoes Garden
Credit: w.ennndy
  • In spite of sleeping late in the morning, you probably haven’t recovered fully just yet. Under those circumstances, relaxing morning in the Cameos Gardens wouldn’t be a bad idea. Notably, it is the largest park in Macau and a popular exercise venue for the locals.
View from Macau Tower
Credit: goncalo_albuquerquesimc
  • If the pace of the garden seems too slow, head over to the Macau Tower. The tower offers the best view of the entire city. In particular, the glass-fronted door to the 58th-floor observation deck is a heavenly gift to the visitors.
  • Conversely, you can also try the towers AJ Hackett Skywalk. At 61 floors up, the tower offers a chance to walk outside the tower! Surely, with a chance to fall vertically 750ft down, it will rush adrenaline like never before.
Famous Peking Duck at Beijing Kitchen.
Credit: chocolatemuimui
  • After that, enjoy your lunch in the famous Beijing Kitchen. Above all, you shouldn’t leave Macau without tasting its famous Peking Duck.
  • Later in the afternoon, pack up your bags and if you still have the time, go souvenir shopping!

That’s about it! You have seen and enjoyed the whole of Macau. Anyway, it is important to realize that the itineraries may not be perfect for everyone. Instead, it is the most appropriate one with the option to change or swap as per your choice. Let us know your experience in Macau!