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48 Hours in Amsterdam For A Muslim Traveler

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Time is Gold, and it can be interpreted as a luxury especially for those who really know how to appreciate the time. Often when we travel, it somehow feels like time is not on our side. So, if you ever travel to a city with only a short period of time given, it keeps your mind working on how to get the best of the city in a short amount of time. In this piece, we will be discussing Amsterdam particularly. Being one of Europe’s tiniest capitals, it is merely easy to explore as the city centre is compact and public transportations are magnificent (you can opt to go for bike rides too!)

If given only 48 hours In Amsterdam, you can break down your visit and start exploring the 17th century Low Countries to the modern Dutch way of living. Visit calming canals, mesmerizing artworks, inviting coffee shops, historical buildings, all in just 48 hours. Is it achievable? Yes, of course!

Day One in Amsterdam


Dam Square, Amsterdam
Credit: amsterdamworld

Start your journey of Day One in Amsterdam at the centre of the city’s historic district, Dam Square. This is also its public transportation network. Here, you can enjoy the view of the 17th century Royal Palace, New Church (Nieuwe Kerk) and the National Monument. Along the road, take note of vendors selling waffles and sweet stuff. Try them out!

The Royal Palace of Amsterdam
Credit: missanca

They say that the best way to explore Amsterdam is on a bike. So, go ahead and rent a bike! There is a place where you can hire a bike at the square. If you are not sure about cycling around alone. You can opt to go for a guided ride. This guided ride will offer you on visiting historical warehouse districts and beautiful canals.

National Monument (Amsterdam)
Credit: akkolhos


Next, you can move on to exploring the Unesco heritage-listed canal ring which is dating way back from the Dutch Golden Age. The long pavements offer inviting cafes that you can enjoy either a relaxing lunch or perhaps you would just want to grab a quick sandwich to fill up your tummy.

Amsterdam Canal Ring or grachtengordel among local
Credit: atendam36

Along the canals, you can visit the house of the tragic tale of Anne Frank. She is well-known to every child in the UK or in the Western World the least. Visiting the house where this young girl and her family hid from the Nazis is surreal but inspiring and uplifting at the same time. Do book in advance as the tickets queues can be quite a length. Please visit annefrank.org for more details.

The Anne Frank House (Dutch: Anne Frank Huis)
Credit: tuly.kara

For coffee lovers, you can recharge yourself over a cup of refreshing milky coffee (koffie verkeerd) and perhaps eat a slice of apple pie (appelgebak). A great way to unwind for the late afternoon and taste the local cuisines.

Winkel 43 is famous for its Coffee & Pie
Credit: cafewinkel43amsterdam


After a hectic and insightful day travel, it is now time to experience Amsterdam after dusk. Often they say that it is wise for you to experience a canal cruise in the evening when the canals are beautifully lit up. A mix of romantic and memorable experience packed in one. If you wish, you can book a cruise that serves a four-meal course too.

Amsterdam's Canal at night
Credit: carrigbur

Day Two in Amsterdam


Very good morning from Amsterdam. Are you ready to see what day two brings you? The city’s finest art awaits thus, commence your day in the packed and recently renovated Rijksmuseum. Here, you get to witness world-class masterpieces from renowned artists like Van Gogh, Vermeer, and Rembrandt. The exterior will awe you, but the interior is the real deal.

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Credit: ac.sheff

Then, move on to the Van Gogh Museum which holds the biggest collection of the artist’s masterpiece. Check out his infamous Sunflower artwork. As you head to this museum which lies just across the Museumplein from the Rijkmuseum, stop by and take a snap with the city symbol of ‘I AMsterdam’ sign. It is a fantastic and memorable way to remember this city indeed.

Van Gogh Museum
Credit: vangoghmuseum


There are many choices of delicious and mouthwatering street food options around for you to have a quick bite. But if you are seeking for restaurants to tranquil yourself while filling up your stomach, perhaps you can check this link for a list of Halal restaurants around Amsterdam

After a great lunch, now let’s move on to do a little bit of window shopping or shopping for real perhaps. Go to the Albertycuyp street market. It was established in 1904 and now, it possesses more than 300 stalls. They have everything from, fruits, flowers, clothes, jewellery and even tempting cheeses; just if you are a big fan of cheese of course.

On the way to this market, you can see a group of ethnicities around the Bohemian” area which is known as The Pipe (De Pijp). You will get a good mix of a strong showing from former Dutch colonies such as the Surinam and Indonesia along with other European and Middle East cultures as well.

Albert Cuyp Market
Credit: albertcuypmarkt


Before ending the final night in Amsterdam, perhaps enjoy a longer night out by experiencing the Rialto Cinema. It is a worthy place to visit as its art deco architecture is remarkable. This cinema shows a combination of Dutch and Hollywood films. Watching movies abroad often doesn’t come on the list, but why not right?

Cinema Rialto
Credit: bensada_mohmed_amine

Halal Travel Tips for Muslim Travellers:

Food: Islam is the second-largest religion in Amsterdam so finding Halal cuisines is pretty easy. You can breezily find restaurants specializing in Indian, Arabic, Ethiopian and Middle Eastern food. Be extra cautious, as some may not have Halal certification. Nevertheless, there are numerous completely Halal restaurants as they are Muslim owned such as the Arabic Lounge, Queen of Sheba, Bazar, Bellariva, and Addis Ababa. However, if you are still unsure, it is best to stick to seafood and vegetarian options. They can never go wrong.

Mosques: For performing prayers, there are huge numbers of mosques scattered around Amsterdam. To name a few, Al-Hijra Mosque, Al Islam Mosque, Al Karam Mosque and El Tawheed Mosque. If you are having difficulties on finding the location, don’t be afraid to ask around like the locals and even hotel help desk will surely know the exact location and will be more than glad to assist you.

Book Muslim-Friendly Packages to Amsterdam

Known as the “Venice of the North”, Amsterdam will lure you with its magnificence. It is up to you on how to spend your precious time in just 48 hours. Hopefully, this article contributes!