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5 Outdoor Activites To Make Your Hong Kong Trip Even More Memorable

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Colourful. Chaotic. And downright mesmerising. Hong Kong feels like the centre of gravity of earth, in a way. It draws you in once you’re right smack in the middle of their towering skylines, crossing their busy streets or enjoying their rich cultural heritage.

Even with all the hustle and bustle, Hong Kong still offers some stunning natural landscapes and monumental historical sites. Here, we’ll share with you some fantastic outdoor activities and places to visit throughout your stay at this dazzling country.


Photo credit: HHWT

Located at Lantau Island, Tian Tan is one of the largest sitting Buddha in the world. After taking 12 years to complete this 250 metric tons bronze statue, Tian Tan Buddha draws in Buddhist pilgrims from all over Asia.

However, getting to the statue is no easy task. You will have to climb up 268 steps to get to the closest view of the magnificent statue (so drop those heels and wear something more comfortable). After all your hard work climbing that uphill battle, the panoramic scenery from the top is breathtaking. Totally worth the climb.


Photo credit: Hong Kong Tourism Board

If you would like to take a single image that could epitomize the whole of Hong Kong, Victoria Peak is definitely the place to be. Locally known as “The Peak”, the surreal view from the top gives you a 360-degree view of Hong Kong’s incredible city skyline as well as the iconic Victoria Harbor from 1,300 feet above sea level.

Break a sweat by hiking up the Peak. There are three optional lush surrounding trails that you can use – Morning Trail, Old Peak Road trail or the Green Trail. If youโ€™re not up for a hike, you can take the Peak Tram or the taxi all the way up.

Everything that defines Hong Kong as an economic powerhouse could be seen from a single vantage point.


Photo credit: Wandering Photography

If you have a longer stay in Hong Kong and canโ€™t stay away from mountains, plan yourself a hike up the highest peak in the island, the Tai Mo Shan which rises at 957 metres above sea level and oftentimes covered by clouds.

A five-hours hike along the 9.7 km trail offers views of almost all parts of Hong Kong on a clear day. Climbing down, you can watch the sunset from Tai Mo Shan lookout point or rise very early in the morning and hike up to the Weather Radar Station for a splendid sunrise.


Photo credit: Pinterest

Named after Major-General George Charles Dโ€™Aguilar, a British army served as Lieutenant Governor of Hong Kong in the 1800s, Cape Dโ€™Aguilar is home to the oldest pre-war lighthouse in Hong Kong (Hok Tsui Beacon) and scenic geological sites. Even though it is located at the south-end tip of the island, it is accessible by taxi or bus.

The Cape Dโ€™Aguilar Trail is an easy walk but the sights are breath taking. Start by walking to the lighthouse, pass by wondrous caves and rocks, and lastly continue to the marine reserve for some education on conservation. A great location to spend with your family as it is stroller friendly for the kids!


Photo credit: Pinterest

After much walking and climbing, and you still have the energy (or want to save some) to see the city, why not hop on a traditional Chinese junk Aqua Luna to Stanley for a stroll and shopping? It takes 90 minutes from either Central or Tsim Sha Tsui pier, plenty of time for you to soak in the beautiful views of the bustling Hong Kong city and coastline along the way. If you happen to have a Hong Kong pass, guess what? You can get a free round-trip to Stanley, just show your pass and cruise away.

For a more relaxed cruise, get on board the evening cruise along Victoria Harbour. Relax in style on a comfy bed with a complimentary drink and watch the beautiful sunset over the horizon or await to be mesmerized by Hong Kongโ€™s epic skyline when darkness falls.

Day or night, it would be a memorable experience to take back home.

Hong Kong is a unique country for you to be in awe of its inspiring modernity and surrounding nature at the same time. You can find beauty in every corner, so go on and explore this vibrant city!

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