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5 Safety Tips For All Muslim Traveller

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Hi world travellers especially my brothers and sisters in Islam! Here are some tips that you should know before starting your journey and may be useful especially for Muslim traveller whether you’re travelling alone or in groups. Today I would like to share with you, 5 Safety Tips For All Muslim Traveller.

1. Start with your Dua’

There is no better protector than the one high above. So make sure that before every trip you make your dua and intention. He is the only one that can keep you safe no matter what. That is a way to start your journey.

2. Book a Muslim-friendly hotel

Muslim traveller: Book a Muslim-friendly hotel

One of the most important things for me (the author), and the one that I am happy to pay good money is my accommodation. You can use hotel loyalty programs to bring the cost down of your accommodation, but a reputable hotel in a good location can provide the safety you need when travelling. It is more unlikely to get robbed or have problems with your hotel if you choose an international or established brand.

Plus, most of the times they have properties in the city centre, making it super convenient. Always read the online reviews and look online for the cheapest deal BUT got to make sure that the place is safe.

3. Visit the local mosque(s)

Visit the local mosque(s)
Credit image: Filip Knežić via Visualhunt.com / CC BY-NC-SA

Now, many European cities have prayer facilities and this good news for us Muslims. It is a great way to make friends with local sisters/brothers if you visit the local mosque. Search online for the central mosque in the city and pay them a visit. You might be invited to try some local food too or have a tour guide for the day.

4. Avoid scams

Avoid scams
Credit image: mkooiman via Visualhunt / CC BY-SA

Sadly, Europe does have a lot of scamming and pickpocketing so when travelling, be extra careful. Don’t stop to talk to some random salesman offering your bracelets in Rome or Milan. Preferably if you need to withdraw money out of your bank account, do so within a bank branch rather than outside to avoid drawing attention to yourself. STAY VIGILANT!

5. Share your itinerary

Muslim traveller: Share your itinerary
Credit image: muslimtravelgirl.com

Especially if you’re a solo Muslim woman travelling, it is advisable to share your itinerary with a friend or a family member just so they can keep track of you. Just in case something happens, there is at least one person who knows your location. If you use Uber in Europe, you can easily share your ETA with someone else and this definitely makes us feel safer. Plus, it’s a great way to avoid being scammed.

As of 2018, Muslims are everywhere as there are more Muslim-friendly places to visit, and it’s great because number one, there is always halal food available, and number two, travelling is one of the best ways to break misconceptions about Islam and see what this beautiful world has to offer.