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5 Travel Hacks Before Going for Tripfez’s Muslim Tours

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5 Travel Hacks For Muslims

Travel has never been easier with the best travel tips and hacks for Muslims that will be extremely useful when visiting a new destination. There are some common issues that Muslim travellers have to deal with at different destinations when it comes to prayer rooms, Halal food – or packing just like everyone else. Try out these useful tips and suggestions for Muslim travelers listed below (after purchasing our Matta Fair Promo Tour packages, perhaps?)

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1. Research Halal Food And Accommodation 

The best way to have Muslim-friendly travel experiences is to do plenty of research before leaving for your trip. Find out if Halal food options are available on the plane from the airline, you can pre-order your meal this way. Do plenty of online research on where Halal food and Muslim-friendly accommodation can be found and how convenient it would be for you – find out the locations of the closest mosques too. Some of the best tips and suggestions for Muslim travelers would be to travel through a Muslim travel agency or select even select Halal travel packages through our website – this way you can be sure to have a relaxing holiday without searching for places.

2. Get Help From The Local Mosque

This is probably one of the most important travel tips every Muslim traveler should know about. Talking to people at the local mosque is not only the best way to find Halal restaurants and prayer facilities, but it’s also a great way to interact with other Muslims. You might also learn more about the best local spots and attractions to visit too.

3. Use Muslim Travel Apps

Save your time and energy by installing a travel app for Muslim travelers that will help you locate the most important things you need. These apps are extremely useful when it comes to locating the Qibla direction, finding Halal restaurants or local mosques and even Quran verses.

4. Be Prepared For Prayer Times

Before you start your journey, find out the locations of the nearest mosques or prayer rooms in an airport – as well as the local prayer times. You can avoid rushing around trying to beat the traffic by checking the time and distance it would take to reach the mosque or other prayer facilities. This is where a travel app for Muslim travellers and Google Maps will come in handy. It’s better to always travel with a prayer mat too. However, another smart travel hack involves using a yoga mat as prayer mat with halal travel or Islamic app that shows you the Qibla direction.

5. Pack Versatile Clothing

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It’s understandable that almost every Muslimah traveler has experienced few struggles when it comes to packing a Muslim travel outfit for a long trip. One excellent solution is to pack versatile clothing items that can be easily matched with each other. But you can use a few accessories to brighten things up or even wear different coloured hijabs. This is where packing cubes will come in handy to help you organise things and save space in your suitcase. Some other handy travel tips for Muslim ladies is to pack an abaya or Muslim prayer dress to be prepared for prayer time – you can easily pack this item by rolling instead of folding them with your other clothes.

So now that you have a useful Muslim traveler guide that will equip you with the best tips and suggestions for Muslim travelers – start making your travel plans today.

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