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5 Essential Things Every Muslim Traveller Should Pack

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Here are 5 ESSENTIALS you should pack before you start travelling!

1.Praying mat

We  know praying mat could use a lot of space because sometimes it tend to be thick when you fold or roll them so make sure you get yourself a travel size praying mat (yes, they do exist!) so you don’t have to use the pillow case, blanket or towel. However, you don’t have to worry about praying mat if you book your stay with us because we have already provided it in your room.


2.Extra hijab

Trust us on this; we understand how uncomfortable it can get when you have to wear the same hijab for more than 10 hours; long haul flights. So why don’t you pack extra hijab that doesn’t need to be ironed and once you’ve arrived at your destination you can change and feel refreshed. You can also place your hijab pins in a Tic Tac or any small sized container to make sure you don’t lose them.


3.Muslim Apps

Struggle with which directions to perform prayer? You can download Muslim apps to assist you .There’s tons of Muslim apps you can download for your phone and some of them not only offer prayer times feature, but also Qiblah compass, Quran, Hadith, quotes from Muslim scholars, and even lists of nearest  halal restaurant .Thank you technology!



4.Travel Bidet

Are you sure you’re going to be okay using only toilet paper throughout your vacation? How are you going to make ablution? And plus if there’s water, we’re sure you don’t want water to be splashing here and there while you’re making ablution. We don’t think we need to explain further on this matter.

travel bidet

5.Prayer outfit

What if the 2-year-old who sits beside you on plane spill his drink on you, how are you going to perform prayer? So we suggest it’s best to bring extra outfit. Plus, if your luggage went MIA at least you have extra outfit. You’re welcome.



Essential Documents

Keep a copy of your important documents such as personal identifications, passport, visa, flight ticket and hotel reservation document somewhere safe and can be easily reached by you and do make sure you have everything in hand before you get to the front of the security line. Trust us nobody like waiting for you to fish out your important document.

important document

Please leave a comment below if you have any other suggestions and recommendations.

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