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7 Funny Travel Scams in Asia

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We all were there- experiencing travel scams on the way. Some are common scams, and a few are geographically unique. However, in Asia, the population has its tolls on the scam territory. So, here we provide you a list of 8 funny travel scams common in Asia. We show the ways to avoid them too.

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  1. Taxi Ride Scam
Taxi Ride Scams
Source: lifehack.org

Just came out of the airport? Expect a large number people barking at you offering a cheap taxi ride. At the first glance, these drivers pretend to know every destination you throw at them. Only after travelling all over the city and a big bill, you come to know that you have been conned. Besides, agreeing on a fixed price beforehand doesn’t help much either. So, just make sure you use the pickup options offered by your hotel if possible.

  1. Pick-pocketing and Luggage Scam
    Pickpocketing Scams
    Source: dreamplango.com

Pick-pocketing is a common travel scam in a large number of Asian countries. If you are visiting China, Vietnam or India; you should be aware of your pockets in the streets, among the crowd or in the public transport. While in India, there are even luggage scams. Some random guys offer to help, and then vanishes away with your luggage. In order to avoid that, carry as little money as possible and keep your important documents in a safe place.

  1. Different Beggar’s Scams
    Beggars scam
    Source: climateage.com

One of the most popular travel scams in Asia is the beggar’s scams. While in Thailand, women make their children cry and asks for money. Whereas, in Malaysia, men dressed as Buddhists monks roam around the city asking help for their imaginary temples. Moreover, in Laos, Cambodia and Thailand, young boys and girls claim to be art students and try to sell their imitation work at a higher price.  Trust your judgement and refrain from donating large sums without any substantial proof.

  1. Motorbike Renting Scams
    motorbike scams
    Source: livinpuravida.com

This is a fraud mostly seen in Indonesia and Vietnam. Some of the renting businesses are involved in travel scams. At first, they rent you the bike, and then follows you with duplicate keys. While you park the bike on the road somewhere, the guy hops in and take away the bike.

  1. Fake Guide Scam
    Fake Guide Scams
    Source: center fruit ad

There are guides in Asia who claims to be government authorized. However, it takes a while before you get to know how foolish you were! So, be very careful in choosing your guide, as you may end up miles away from your intended destination. In the worst case scenarios, you may come across some preplanned hijacking in a nice little street of Bali or India.

  1. Fortune Teller Scams
    Fortune teller scams
    Source: seattletoshanghai.com

The Khao San Road in Bangkok holds a numerous number of fortune tellers. These fortune tellers are very fraudulent and manipulative. They will charge you a good sum for telling you the secret. So, be careful before falling for their tricks.

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  1. Fake Gem Shop Scams
    Fake Gem Scams
    Source: blogspot.com

Ladies! This one is especially for you. Many travellers want to buy precious stones while travelling Asia. Using that, there are many shops in Asia who sells fake gems. However, stay away from buying the stones in the street shops. In most of those cases, you may find yourself buying fake stones for a good sum like 2500 USD.

So, the bottom line is, stay away from the things you know very little about, and you would be fine. All in all, Resisting the temptations are the best way to tackle these travel scams. Stay safe, everyone!

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