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7 Halal Restaurants For A Mouthwatering Holiday in Hong Kong

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What if we told you that Muslim travellers no longer need to sacrifice their luggage space; sharing allocations with packets and cans of dry, sealed, travel-friendly and Halal consumables next to their personal garments and necessities? Yes, that’s right! Being the ever-evolving Hong Kong, Muslim travellers can now explore the “Asia’s World City” without an (almost) empty stomach, and a list of Halal restaurant in Hong Kong that you can go to.

Hong Kong – Your next Halal destination to be

It is exciting to know how much the Hong Kong’s Halal food market has boomed as opposed to a decade ago, thanks to the growing population of the Muslim community of 300,000 people currently, which has obviously opened the door to more accessible options.

Even better, most of the Halal eateries are available near main attractions in Hong Kong, leaving you more time to soak in their local culture than having to plan and look for places to dine at. From authentic Hong Kong Chinese food to Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian, you can roam the streets and satisfy your colourful palate at more than 50 Halal-certified eateries listed to date!

Salivating yet? We have listed down our TOP 7 Mouthwatering Halal Restaurant in Hong Kong as suggested by locals:

#1 Wai Kee (at Sham Shui Po)

Famous for its Lamb Curry and Crispy Roast Duck served with rice.

Halal Restaurant in Hong Kong: Wai Kee at Sham Shui Po.
Photo credit: HHWT & Tripadvisor

#2 Ma’s Restaurant (at Wan Chai)

This Halal restaurant is known as the gem of Sham Shui, with its signature beef pancakes and Sichuan chicken.

Ma's Restaurant at Wan Chai is famous for its signature beef pancakes.
Photo credit: Tripfez Travel & Tripadvisor

#3 Chrisly Inn Café (at Queens Road)

This quirky Halal-certified bakery focuses on classic Hong Kong desserts. Get your belly ready for their must try Bo Lo Bau (Pineapple Tart Bun) and Portuguese-style egg tart with their milk tea.

Halal Restaurant in Hong Kong: Chrisly Inn Cafe at Queens Road
Photo credit: HHWT

#4 Shaffi’s Indian Restaurant (at Yuen Long)

This halal restaurant serves a great range of meat and vegetarian dishes. The Baigan Masala and Chicken Pakoras are highly recommended.

Shaffi's Indian Restaurant serves a great range of meat and vegetarian dishes.
Photo credit: foursquare

#5 Aladin Mess (at Causeway Bay)

It is undeniably the place to get your Naan, Chicken Madras, Chicken Tikka and Mango Lassi fix!

Halal Restaurant in Hong Kong: Aladin Mess
Photo credit: Aladin Mess

#6 Islamic Centre Canteen (at Wan Chai)

This place is obviously a no-brainer when it comes to convenience, and probably THE MOST ideal eatery to break your fast at as it is located INSIDE of one of the city’s five mosques, Masjid Ammar and Osman Ramju Sadick Islamic Centre. It is well-known for being the only place in Hong Kong serving Halal Cantonese Cuisine.

Halal Restaurant in Hong Kong: Islamic Centre Canteen
Photo credit: Islamic Centre Canteen

#7 Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland is the ONLY Disney Park in the world that has made Halal food available while you have the time of your life. This means you will never have to tame a growling tummy other than before stepping on those rollercoasters! Check out the list of various food options, made HALAL just for you:

• TAHITIAN TERRACE (Adventureland) – Feel right at home here because they serve Asian cuisine; from Laksa to Beef Rendang, also other vegetarian dishes on the menu.
• EXPLORER’S CLUB RESTAURANT (Mystic Point) – There are FOUR different cuisines to choose from: Korean, Japanese, Indonesian and Southeast Asian!
• OCEAN PARK (Food cart No.3 – opposite Lagoon) – This cart is packed with more Asian food, even Chapatti, and Chicken Tandoori.

*Additional info: Halal-certified food is also available upon request at the Disney’s Hollywood Hotel and Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel.

Hong Kong Disneyland is the ONLY Disney Park in the world that has made Halal food available while you have the time of your life.
Photo credit: Tripfez Travel & HHWT

Other than the list above, there are plenty more Halal eateries available in The Incorporated Trustees of the Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong’s list of Halal premises. You can refer here for more info.

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