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7 Tips On How to Eat Like A Local

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Are you tired of having the same kind of meal every time you visit a destination? Travelling is more than just staying at an exotic place or clicking those scenic pictures.Food is undoubtedly one of the most significant parts of any city and can let you know about your destination in an unimaginable way. Follow these foolproof tips and know how to discover some local places and have a genuine taste of your favourite dishes.

1. Avoid mainstream tourist destinations

Needless to say, you would never be able to truly experience the local taste if you would go to an obvious tourist hub. Most of these places serve the type of food that would be a little bland. They prepare a kind of neutral meal that would please travellers from various parts of the world, even if it means that they have to compromise with the genuine taste of a local cuisine.

like a local
Source: squarespace.com

2. Try to have a conversation with a local

When you are out there exploring a destination (and looking for halal food), always try to have some chitchat with a local. Share a few stories and ask them about some of the best places to eat in the city. This will help you not only to know about your destination from a different perspective, but you might also end up discovering a great place to eat!

like a local
Source: atdw-online.com.au

3. Look for crowded places

This is an age-old rule to find a good place to eat. Don’t get overwhelmed by the crowd. In fact, go with it and have a bite of that much-talked about cuisine that a local restaurant is serving. The more the crowd, the better the place would be. You might have to struggle to get a seat and the order might arrive a little late – but it would be so worth it!

like a local
Source: bp.blogspot.com

4. Never underestimate the popularity of street food!

You can’t really have a better taste of any local cuisine anywhere else than the streets. No matter where you are – from Asia to South America and Europe to Australia, you will never find a better place to eat like a local than the street food. Look for hygienic, reliable, and crowded places.

Street food is both quick and cheap. You would be able to discover plenty of local dishes while roaming the streets of your next destination. Don’t hesitate and grab a bite of that hot taco or dim sums at a local street market!

like a local
Source: hotelwindsormilan.com

5. Do your research

Travel blogs (like ours!) are one of the best places to find some of the best-kept secrets of an unexplored place. Popular websites like Tripadvisor (and ours too!) is also one of the best sources to know about some of the most reliable restaurants that should not be missed. Do your bit of research before visiting any destination. Get to know about it and read the reviews of the popular restaurants on Zomato. It would be of a great help! Step out from your hotel.

like a local
Source: materialup.com

6. Step out of your hotel

This is one of the most common mistakes that travellers make while exploring a destination. Travelling is more than just visiting a place and clicking pictures of iconic landmarks. Even if you had a tiring day, don’t just head towards your hotel and settle for that ordinary meal. Go out and explore the local markets to discover a finger-licking dish.

7. Don’t ask a guide

Most of the guides will let you know about the common tourist destinations. They might be good, but those places will never let you eat a signature dish like a local. It is a good idea to make decisions on your own, or asking a local, instead of taking suggestions from your guide.

like a local
Source: rackcdn.com

Now when you know how to eat like a local and explore a destination on your own, nothing can stop you anymore! Go out and do a little research before reaching your destination to explore it in the best way.


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