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7 Useful Tips For First Timers to Japan!

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Is this your first time to Japan? Here are 7 Useful Tips for you!

Sensoji Temple, Japan, Credit: Shutterstock

2009 was memorable for me. My first international solo trip to TOKYO! If this enchanting country is on your list (travel with Tripfez’s MATTA Fair Promo!), then here are some things I will share with you on what to expect on your first ever vacation to Japan!

You’ll have to remove your shoes often (Similar to Malaysia’s culture though)

Wooden Sandals, Credit: Shutterstock

Similarly in Malaysia, it is customary to remove your shoes before entering a temple, shrine, or someone’s home. At the entrance, you’ll usually find a place to store your shoes, and often there are indoor slippers (and other bathroom slippers) provided. Pack slip on shoes for your vacation, so you can pop them on and off easily.

The people are very polite

The people in Japan are kind, polite, and respectful. They will go out of their way to offer assistance if you look lost and confused. It is important to show the same respect to the people whose country you are exploring – adhere to their customs, dress appropriately (particularly when visiting places of worship), and ask permission before snapping photos.

You’re not expected to tip at all

Tipping is not expected in Japan, nor is it accepted. Greeted with the polite Japanese nature you’d be forgiven for wanting to show your thanks to service staff, however, they will refuse your tip and may be offended by your offer.

Tripfez Fairy tip: As an expression of gratitude, you can instead offer a gift from your home country, but this needs to be done subtly if at all.

Language barrier

Woman exploring Harajuku, Japan, Credit: Shutterstock

While you’ll find English spoken in the cities and tourist hubs, it becomes less common in the regional parts of Japan.Fortunately, people are so kind and helpful that you will still be able to navigate your way around without too much trouble. Downloading a language app can be helpful and carrying your hotel card (in Japanese) can come in handy to find your way home easily.

You can find almost anything in convenience stores and vending machines

I was so impressed when I discovered that there is an incredible variety of products and produce in the convenience stores and vending machines around Tokyo.

 You will feel safe on the streets!

Arashiyama Forest, Kyoto, Japan, Credit: Shutterstock

Japan has a very low crime rate and you’ll feel safe strolling the streets, even if you are a woman travelling alone. I was beyond thrilled to explore the city of Tokyo til the wee hours of morning.

Public rubbish bins are uncommon

The streets of Japan are impressively clean and rubbish free, and you might find yourself asking how that’s possible considering there are very few public rubbish bins around. It is normal keep hold of your litter until you are back at your hotel, so carrying a little reusable bag may come in handy.

Japan is also a leading non-Muslim country that goes all out to cater to the Muslim travellers and definitely, a country you have to add in to your wanderlust bucket list!

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