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9 Best Asia Airport Lounges

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What is an airport lounge? It is an amenity provided at many airports around the world. Usually, it offers comforts in terms of environment and services. Sometimes, extra accommodations may be included like telephone access, wireless internet access, private meeting rooms, free drinks and snacks depending on the lounge itself. If you are an avid traveller, I am pretty sure you are familiar with these facilities provided at most airports and now, we’ll take a look at the 9 Best Asia Airport Lounges.

1. Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounges, Singapore Changi International Airport

With its over the top customer services, travellers can be sure to worry less about checking in their luggage instead, will be assisted to enter the SilverKris Lounges where treasured guests can choose on hanging out at the café, bars, meeting rooms or 13 Italian-leather slumberettes. If you happen to over-slept, fret not as the staff will be sure to wake you up before your flight.

Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge, Terminal 3, Changi Airport
Credit: carolfulthelife

2. Cathay Pacific “The Pier” Hong Kong

The Cathay Pacific “The Pier” Hong Kong has managed to create amazing lounges. Here, guests can expect among the greatest lounge facility anyone could think of from a golden age bespoke bar, secluded and comfortable seating areas, fine dining bistro and of course, the remarkable views of the runway. As for its business centres, it has free Wi-Fi access, leather armchairs as well as the pebbled showers which can definitely ease traveller’s stress.

Cathay Pacific's the Pier Business Class Lounge, Hong Kong
Credit: wxt929

3. JAL First Class Lounge Tokyo Haneda

This is the epitome of Japanese heaven as the design and game rooms are totally inspired by the Japanese intricate design. Guests can treat themselves to award-winning hour-long massage, play some chess, or perhaps just indulge a scrumptious regional cuisine. There is also a gallery which features antique luggage, photos, plane parts and a lot more!

JAL First Class Lounge
Credit: kenichiro142323

4. Thai Royal First Lounge, Bangkok

In this exclusive lounge, first-class passengers would be given their own living room space equipped with up-to-date amenities; television, water service, and cosy couches. If you crave on tasting Thai delicacies, you can even ask them to send it over to your private room and to ease the strenuous muscles, do check out their Thai full-fledged spa within the terminal complete with wood aromas, oils, and orchids to make you rejuvenate and be ready before your next flight.

Thai Royal First Class Lounge At Suvannaphum International Airport
Credit: cycomico178

5. Seoul Incheon Intl

The Seoul Intl is often rated as world’s cleanest airport and it has a golf course, private sleeping rooms, ice-skating rink, a casino, beautiful indoor gardens as well as a Museum of Korean Culture. There are many comfortable lounges for travellers in this airport namely, KAL lounge, Asiana Lounge, Matina, Asiana Business Lounge, and Sky Hub Lounge. You can check out any one of these lounges and choose whichever suit your comfort.

Asiana Business Class Lounge At Incheon International Airport
Credit: 0214hiro

6. Plaza Premium Lounge (West Hall), Hong Kong

The Plaza Premium Lounge (West Hall), Hong Kong is the latest lounge from Plaza Network and guess what? It is open to all travellers doesn’t matter whichever class of travel or airline you are travelling with. They provide private resting areas and shower suites too. The lounge is open 24 hours and you can enjoy comfortable seating, Wi-Fi, beverages and snacks which include the infamous Hong-Kong-style Fish Ball Noodles as well as the homemade XO sauce!

Plaza Premium Lounge, Hong Kong Airport
Credit: scott_chapman_racing71

7. Qatar Airways Premium Terminal, Doha International Airport

When it comes to Doha, we are well aware of how they like to do things extravagantly! Their airport is a first- and business-class terminal cum mall and hotel. It consists of a fine lounge that has a full-service of Elemis spa equipped with relaxing Jacuzzi and sauna, several restaurants, bars, and cafes as well as private meeting rooms and business centres.

Qatar Airways Premium Terminal
Credit: mangobluete

8. Plaza Premium Lounge, Kuala Lumpur

The frantic busy terminal of Kuala Lumpur International Airport is well-known. Nevertheless, you can escape this by heading to the tranquil area of Plaza Premium Lounge. It possesses a picturesque view of the runaway and visitors can relish revitalizing drinks at the bars along with yummy snacks, Wi-Fi, and a pick a number of a good read as your companion to kill the time. There are also exclusive VIP rooms available equipped with showers.

Plaza Premium Lounge Malaysia (KLIA2) - Transit Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Credit: halyconstudio

9. Etihad Airways Premium Lounge in Abu Dhabi

Etihad Premium Lounges are situated in Terminal 3 nearby to gate 35 and in Terminal 1 next to the Al Reem lounge after you pass the security. The lounges offer world-class services and amenities, pledging to offer only the ultimate best in the hospitality industry. Here, you would find a boutique hotel and spend the next waiting hours watching a movie, enjoying a delicious meal or perhaps be pampered in a spa treatment. There is also a family room that provides children of all ages’ fun and entertainment in a vibrant setting.

Etihad Airways Diamond First Class lounge in Abu Dhabi
Credit: samchui

Now, if you were to stop by at any of these best Asia airports and probably going to experience a long transit, you can opt to check any of the mentioned best Asia airport lounges in this article. Sometimes, it is good to have a good space to unwind while continuing your travel.