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9 Must-Try Ais Batu Campur in Malaysia

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“Ais Batu Campur”, ABC or “Ais Kacang” is well-known all over Malaysia. It is a famous local dessert which is made of shaved ice and then smothered with concentrated brown sugar syrup “Gula Melaka”, flavorful syrup, roasted peanuts as well as evaporated milk. Other common ingredients used to enhance the taste of an ABC are kidney beans, “cendol”, red beans, grass jelly, and creamed corns.

Sometimes, to make it more interesting, vendors will also add on some varieties like putting on a scoop of ice cream as a finishing touch. It is perfect in a humid and scorching hot weathered country like Malaysia. Here is a list of 9 must-try “Ais Batu Campur” in Malaysia and we covered the best among the best in the country only for Tripfez’ readers. Enjoy!

#1 Ais Kacang & Cendol Mamak Thamby Abdullah, Malacca

The owner of this stall has been serving his icy desserts for many years. His famous “Ais Batu Campur” is remarkable. All of the ingredients are fresh and very colourful too. They don’t taste too sweet or artificial at all. At every sip, there is a lot of flavour and texture going on it makes the experience worth it. Each and every ingredient is blended really well.

Popular ais batu campur: Ais Kacang & Cendol Mamak Thamby Abdullah, Malacca
Credit: vkeong.com

#2 Kek Seng Ice Kacang, Penang

When in Penang, a lot of the locals will agree that the Kek Seng Ais Kacang serves one of the bests “Ais Batu Campur” around. They have their own signature homemade jelly and durian ice cream. Their bowl of “Ais Kacang” is often drenched with vibrant sweet sugary syrup and creamy evaporated milk along with other ingredients like red beans, jelly as well as sweet corn. Some would also take it home and you can see the shaved ice is drifted into the Styrofoam box ready to be brought home.

Kek Seng Ice Kacang, Penang
Credit: travelmalaysia.me

#3 ABC @ Kow Po, Bentong, Pahang

In the tiny town of Bentong, Pahang there is a famous restaurant that offers a rejuvenating homemade ice cream as well as “Ais Kacang” which is so popular among the locals. It is called the Kow Po Restaurant. It is often packed and the ABC is to die for as it is perfectly prepared with fresh ingredients that come along with crunchy crushed ice which is perfect for a hot sunny day!

ABC @ Kow Po, Bentong, Pahang
Credit: nigellow.wordpress.com

#4 Ah Keong’s Ais Kacang Stall, Brickfields

This stall is operated by a loving couple. It has been around for more than 10 years and their best-selling dessert is, of course, the “Ais Batu Campur”. The husband and wife added a generous bowl of shaved ice filled with evaporated milk, colourful assortments like grass jelly, creamed corn, “cendol”, rose syrup and brown sugar. You can tell that they serve their “ABC” with LOVE. Plus, the good thing is, you can also control the level of sweetness of the ABC. All you need to do is let them know.

Popular ais batu campur: Ah Keong's Ais Kacang Stall, Brickfields
Credit: venoth.blogspot.com

#5 Fatty Loong Ais Kacang, Kepong

The “Fei Zai Long” or also known as the Fat Boy Long is very famous among the locals for his signature “Ais Kacang”. What makes it different is that its shaved ice is really soft, smooth and it glides in easily. The amount of ingredients included is also in a generous form which makes it really satisfying. They even added Nata de Coco to the usual “cendol”, grass jelly, roasted peanut, red beans and sweet corn which makes it totally awesome! With only RM0.50, you can add more ingredients to your “Ais Kacang”.

Fatty Loong Ais Kacang, Kepong
Credit: hungrygowhere

#6 Aunty Koh, Malacca

If you head to Malacca, Aunty Koh is a no stranger. Every single sip of the “Ais Kacang” is heavenly. The coconut milk is rich and aromatic. Its “Gula Melaka” or brown sugar is sweet enough it tingles your taste bud in a subtle way. The “cendol” is fatty, springy and vibrantly green. Since it is only open on the weekend, be ready to line up at noon as normally, the ABC will finish by 2 p.m.

Popular ais batu campur: Aunty Koh, Malacca
Credit: vkeong.com

#7 ABC @ Tun Fuad Stephen, Kota Kinabalu

This place is commonly known as Bukit Padang by the locals of Kota Kinabalu. Here, you can find a hawker stall which sells one of the best “Ais Kacang” in Kota Kinabalu. You can check out a stall called Jin Jin Foods Hawker Center and order a bowl of its scrumptious “Ais Kacang”. You might think twice, though, just in case you are in this area to jog, you wouldn’t want to ruin your hard work of running with that tempting ABC. Whatever it is, it’s your call! The stalls in this area open from 11 am – 6 pm every day.

ABC @ Tun Fuad Stephen, Kota Kinabalu
Credit: steemit.com

#8 Sisan Ice Stall, Taiping, Perak

The Sisan Ice Stall is situated in a quiet town of Taiping, Perak. You can find this stall at the famous local food court nestled in Jalan Iskandar. It is nearby the town centre. “Sisan” is a Cantonese word and it means Ice Mountain. Perhaps, that is why the stall embraces this name proudly as their “Ais Kacang” really resembles a tall in height Ice Mountain. Aside from their infamous ABC, you can also try out their popular fruit “rojak”.

Sisan Ice Stall, Taiping, Perak
Credit: thequantumsingularity.blogspot.com

#9 Swee Kang Ais Kacang, Kuching

This spot is superbly famous among the Kuchingites. Their “Ais Kacang” is simply to die for. The ingredients included are generous and each sip of it hits the perfect spot of one’s taste buds. You have to come and try it on your own to make your fair judgment. But we have to say, it is a class-A! Indeed worth dropping by if you are in the Cat City.

Popular ais batu campur: Swee Kang Ais Kacang, Kuching
Credit: friedchillies

There you have it, fellow readers. 9 must-try “Ais Batu Campur” in Malaysia. Now, it is your turn to try them out and let us know!