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Time to Cross Off Australia From Your Bucket List!

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Hello fellow mindful travelers,

How were your Malaysian adventures last month? We hope you had an amazing time in Malaysia crossing off all exciting activities in the list. What was great and what – not so? Do share your experience with us on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Now, let’s move on to the next place we believe should be in everyone’s travel bucket list which is the stunning Australia.

Do you know that Australia is the sixth largest country by land area? I guess that explains why there are so many beautiful places and fun things you can do there.

But, how do we focus on where and what to do if everything looks so exciting? Leave all your misery to Tripfez!

First, We’ve listed 12 destinations in Australia you should not miss. Yes, 12! Pretty huge right? Australia is the largest country in Oceania and the world’s sixth-largest country.

Since Sydney and Melbourne is a popular tourist sites, we are going to provide you with a helpful guide for your memorable trip…

Personally whenever I’m visiting a popular destinations,I would feel overwhelmed as I don’t want to come home and be like “OMG, I miss these attractions or I didn’t know this place even exist”. So to avoid you guys feeling such way, Tripfez has come out with a perfect Muslim friendly itinerary to Sydney!

Good news for our fellow Muslim travellers as Sydney is swamped with Muslims so there will be no problem finding halal food and mosques. Check out these must-visit attractions in Sydney!

I know some of us hate planning and if we’re going with friends, we tend to let other people plan for us… Well I have the perfect solution for you!

Simply book our Muslim friendly 6D4N tour package to Sydney and let us take you to the wonderful Sydney. Soak into the culture and explore all beautiful tourist spots and hidden gems of Sydney with Tripfez friendly tour guide! You don’t have to think about food or entrance fees as everything is included in the tour package.

Sydney sounds like a lot of fun right?

Let’s move on to Melbourne, the second most populous city in Australia after Sydney. Known for art, fashion and festivals, Melbourne is definitely worth the visit. Join our 6D4N tour package to Melbourne and enjoy your VIP travel experience. You’ll get a chance to visit Ballarat’s first mosque, Gold Museum and Sovereign Hill.

No matter how you choose to travel; with or without tour group, we’ve compiled top 10 things to do in Melbourne to ensure you didn’t miss any fun!


So travelers, are you up for some Australia travel adventures? Where do you want to visit first? Let us know!

Till next time,


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