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Jard Ness

A retired award winning blogger (past tense) who hails from Sabah and once traveled the world by either hiking the mountains in various countries or joining marathons held anywhere. Now currently active in new ventures such as interior designing and partnering with tour agencies to create exciting itineraries which allows her to stay at home more. It's time to assist other people to travel. :)

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Sydney Lim

A sassy, extravagant libra who's usually the loudest in any group, Sydney is an avid traveller who's always looking to try something new. A hardcore meme-r, animal lover and sheet mask wearer, you can find her looking for the latest in beauty and fashion trends, immersing herself in a new culture, or simply planning her next vacation destination!

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Shahida Ab Rahman

Shahida's dreams include conquering the world, one language at a time (sometimes all at once). When she doesn't have coffee on her mind, she's busy crafting stories and thinking about fictional characters.

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Safeena Shuhairi

A bathroom singer. Head over heels on Duta (Sheila On 7). Spend most of her time wondering and observing thing. Obsessed about shark and snakes.

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Anis Farhana Aliman

Convinced that her spirit animal is a cat, Anis spends a lot of her time with her feline companion Leo, scrolling down social media looking for new travel inspirations and various pop culture references. An introvert who loves to learn about new cultures and languages, she also has a knack for cracking up new puns and they're all pretty egg-citing ;)

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Shafiq Wahab

Seorang 'oppa' berwajah desa, banyak habiskan masa layan K-drama. Kuat makan, kuat tidur dan peminat setia Tealive. Suka makan pedas tapi tak boleh makan pedas.

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Atthiya Anurddin

A complete goofball who lives on puns, dad jokes and boba tea. In her spare time, Atthiya enjoys practicing yoga moves on her mat, discovering new music on Spotify, or can be found cozying up in her bed with series to binge watch.

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