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“It Took Me Two Months to Arrive…” – Adib Harith

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Adib has truly enjoyed his Mongolia trip! Check out his travel experience:

T: A short bio about yourself, A 3-4 lines that best describe you, what you do for a living and so…
A: My name is Adib Harith, 27 y/o. Currently living in Gombak Kuala Lumpur. A father, a traveller, and a freelance photographer. My hobby is rock climbing and photography. I really love taking pictures!

T: Where have you been?
A: UK, France, Senegal, Republic of Guinea, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Mongolia, Korea and Japan.

T: What’s your favorite place so far? Why?
A:  I have to say Mongolia, can’t get over it. That place is magical. People call it ‘The Land of Land’. It is simply beautiful and mysterious. I camped out there somewhere in the middle of the hills, it’s so cold! One of the best place I have ever been to. Would really love to visit it again.

Travelling to Mongolia is not easy especially if you’re a budget traveller; you need 16 hours bus from Beijing to the border of China Mongolia. Then you need to stop and ride any truck to get crossed the border. It’s quite challenging but worth it.

T: One unforgettable travel experience or incident that sticks in your mind…?
A: My journey to Mongolia is actually an overland backpacking trip from Malaysia to Mongolia passing through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and China. It took me two months to arrive there. I remember when I was on the train from the Mongolian border to the main city Ulaanbaatar, I cried looking out the window reminiscing the journey I have been through just to get to Mongolia from Malaysia. I can’t believe I made it. People said I was crazy, but yeah…

T: What was the most challenging thing about travelling?
A: I would say I’m mentally challenged throughout the Mongolia trip. Without the right mind to push you forward, you would not go anywhere even if you’re fit physically.

T: What place is top of your bucket list?
A: New Zealand I think..and Mongolia for 1 month.Haha

T: One advice for travellers?
A: Try to be nice to everyone you meet on your trip. When you travel around, you’ll start to realize that you can only truly enjoy a place when you also enjoy being with others around you!