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You’ll Love These Three Beautiful Places in Bosnia!

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Explore the spiritual and historical side of Bosnia 

Bosnia and Herzegovina is probably one of the most underrated travel destinations in Europe, with full of beautiful places to explore and discover. A Balkan country located in South-Eastern Europe is a must-visit place with friendly locals, amazing architectures, effortless beautiful natural landscapes and scrumptious halal food. It is one of the best budget (yet rich in culture!) destination in Europe. A Muslim friendly destination with plenty of halal and Muslim friendly hotels. Why not go for halal travel in Bosnia?

We’ve listed down these 3 beautiful places in Bosnia that you must visit once you set foot on this beautiful land of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

1. Old Bridge Area of The Old City of Mostar

Seen from afar, the Mostar Bridge and the Old City of Mostar with Neretva River flowing through
The captivating view of Old Bridge Area of The Old City of Mostar

The Old City of Mostar is situated on the Neretva River and was named after the bridge keepers ‘mostari’. The infamous Stari Most or Old Bridge is Bosnia and Herzegovina’s most recognizable landmark. It is a rebuilt of 16th-century Ottoman bridge that crosses the river Neretva and connects the Old City of Mostar.

Take a stroll along the alleys in the Old City and admire the old Ottoman architecture of the city. Wind down and sit for a coffee or have lunch at one of the halal restaurants nearby and enjoy the view while trying out the local delicacies and food. Complete your tour by visiting the Koski Mehmed Paša Mosque to enjoy spectacular views of Stari Most from the minaret after or before you perform your prayers there.

2. The Buna Spring (Vrelo Bune)

Buna Spring is a natural spring river that flows from underground karst river. It’s one of the most beautiful springs in Europe. During winter the water turns aquamarine and during summer it turns vibrant turquoise.

On the right side of Buna Spring river bank, stood the Blagaj Tekke, a Sufi Dervish Monastery. It was built around 1520 with elements of Ottoman architecture and Mediterranean style. Adventurous visitors can take boat rides into the cave next to it for a quick tour. Those who prefer to stay dry on tour can enjoy a tour inside the monastery.

Blagaj Tekija (a Muslim dervish Sufi monastery) stands by the Vrelo Bune
Blagaj Tekija (a Muslim dervish Sufi monastery) stands by the Vrelo Bune

After a long day, you can relax at one of the halal cafes and enjoy a good cup of Turkish coffee there, and feast your eyes with a scenic view of Buna Spring.

3. Bjelasnica Mountain

The majestic Bjelašnica Mountain during winter is one of the beautiful places in Bosnia
The majestic Bjelašnica Mountain during winter

Bjelašnica is a mountain in central Bosnia and Herzegovina and home to Bjelašnica Olympic Mountain Ski Centre. Besides, the view of this mountain is simply spectacular and also, it’s the best place to enjoy outdoor activities. Come here during winter and enjoy the ski resort facilities. Don’t forget to try out sledging and skiing here!  If you come in warmer weather, you can experience the mother nature at its luscious forest and clean air while cycling, hiking or paragliding.

Wondering where to go for a holistic journey in Europe? We suggest you go for halal travel in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Plus, Bosnia is safe! Find the best Muslim-friendly packages to explore the beautiful places in Bosnia and Herzegovina with Tripfez.

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