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The Best Time To Visit Seoul

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If you are planning a trip to this modern city, then consider Seoul weather in mind. Located on the bank of the Han River, weather Seoul is distinguished as subtropical and humid. Considering its weather, the best time to visit Seoul is either spring (March-May) or fall (September-November). Let’s have a clear breakdown of all the major seasons.

Also known as the heart of Korea, Seoul was founded was back in 18 BCE and haven’t lost its timeless charm. One of the major Asian metropolitan cities, it is visited by millions of travellers from all over the world. The birthplace of Korean Wave and K-pop, it is considered as one of the most tourist-friendly cities in Asia.

Spring: March – May

Seoul weather is at its best during spring. The city hosts plenty of blooming flowers like azaleas and lilies all over. If you are lucky, then you can also witness the prominent cherry blossom of Seoul during spring. You would experience pleasant weather ranging between 50 to 75 °F and would love to walk around all day long. It would be a good idea to make all the reservations beforehand, as you might expect plenty of other travellers checking-in during spring.

Spring in Seoul
Credit: nericcha

You can also attend the famous Lotus Lantern Festival, which takes place in May. Also, you can witness the beauty of the April Spring Flower Festival of Seoul.

Summer: June – August

Summer is usually not considered a favourable time to visit Seoul. Since the prominent weather Seoul is of humid subtropical type, you might have to experience a humid summer during your visit. Nevertheless, if you want to try something unique and interesting, then you can always plan a trip to Seoul during the summertime.

Travel to Soeul during summer.
Credit: henyaprianita

Seoul weather from June to August usually takes a back seat during the summer, as the city hosts plenty of festivals and events. The International Cartoon and Animation Festival that happens in July hosts a lot of Anime fans from all over the globe. If you are visiting Seoul in August, then try to witness the energy of the Seoul Fringe Festival as well.

Autumn: September – November

Autumn is also considered as one of the best times to visit Seoul. With a temperature range of 50-70 degree (F) high, you are sure to have a pleasant time. Though you might experience unforeseen rainfall and should always travel carrying an umbrella during this time. Additionally, airfare and accommodation prices are also cheaper during this time.

Autumn Seoul
Credit: sharon_mercury

With a lesser density of the crowd and pleasant weather, autumn makes a great time to visit Seoul. It also hosts the Korean Thanksgiving Day (Chuseok) and the renowned Seoul Street Art Festival, formerly the Hi Seoul Festival, in October.

Winter: December – February

When it comes to Seoul weather, winters can be really dry and cold. The temperature usually drops to as low as 20-30 °F. Nevertheless, with the drop in the temperature, you can also take advantage of the drastic slash in airfare and hotel prices as well. If you are visiting Seoul in winters, then you should be well-equipped.

Winter is one of the best time to visit Seoul
Credit: sarimahbaharudin

If you are a fan of snow activities like skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing, etc. then you are sure to have a great time during winters in Seoul. Also, you can be a part of all the fun activities that take place during the Korean Lunar New Year (Seollal).

Pick the best time to visit this amazing Korean city to have a memorable trip. Now when you are well aware of the extreme Seoul weather, you can definitely make up your mind. Nevertheless, make sure that you book your tickets in advance and take care of your accommodation in Seoul as well.

What’s your favourite time to visit Seoul?

Let us know what’s your preferred time to visit Seoul! If you’re visiting South Korea, we’ve prepared the list of must-visit destination in your Korea itinerary. You can also check out 22 Muslim-friendly Korean dishes worth the try when visiting Korea. Also, those who prefer to have all the arrangements taken care of instead, check out our website for more info.

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