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“I’ll Go For What Scares Me The Most” – Nor Amirah Syamimi

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T: A short bio about yourself? 3-4 lines that best describe you, what you do for a living and so…

N: I’m Nor Amirah Syamimi, born and bred in Malaysia, but I am currently doing my Masters in Architecture, in University Of East London. I have always loved travelling ever since I was a kid, my parents would normally bring me along to their business trips.

T: What would you want to be known for besides travelling? 

N: A famous architecture photographer, something that no one has ever done before; a combination of art, architecture and photography. I love taking photos of my buildings, and of course myself.

T: What inspires you to travel and try various adventurous activities?

N: People are selfish sometimes and that’s why I always distance myself by travelling and also I have a major heights problem. I am afraid of heights, but that doesn’t stop me. Haha. In fact, I’ll go for what scares me the most. Check out my hashtag #youcannotcomewithme and my Instagram @mimi145

T: Besides adventure, what excites you the most about travelling? Meeting new people? Experiencing a new culture? Food?

N: Being an architecture student, I get really excited about buildings. Buildings that I would never thought it’s possible to be built back then. Meeting new people and experiencing a new culture, are the common ones for whoever is travelling. But nevertheless, that really helps my connection around the world.

T: 3 must-have things you will never leave behind when you are travelling. 

N: I always have my camera, my GoPro, and my phone with me.

T: Your favourite local destination and why?

N: It would be weird for me to say this because I have never been there, which I’m planning to go after my graduation. Bali, Indonesia has always been my favourite. I have a thing for Sun.

T: Your best travel incident/story that might inspire young Muslims to travel.

N: Being a Muslim traveller, I must say it can be tough sometimes to travel to certain countries. Just be yourself and be extra careful with your belongings and surroundings.