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“…The Guide Told Us to Walk Closely Together & Reminded Us Not to Run If Something Happens..” – Adela Roslan

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Adela has some pretty interesting travel experiences to share…

T: A short bio about yourself, A 3-4 lines that best describe you, what you do for a living and so?
A: First of all, unlike any others who travel to see those places and food, I travel to see the mountains. I weigh 48kg and stand 153cm tall, have summited more than 100 different mountains (so far), and it couldn’t be better. I’m a PR and Event executive at a local publishing company.

T: Where have you been?
A: Mountains… Everywhere, mostly in Malaysia because tropical rainforests are intimidating.

T: What’s your favourite place so far? Why?
A: I can say, Kinabalu gets the heart (always). Still looking for the best time of this year for the 4th times and it always feels as I never hike up before because of its stunning views from the top. Next, after Kinabalu, I must say – Rinjani. Beautiful treks and stunning volcano views you can’t get from the plane.

T: One unforgettable travel experience or incident that sticks in your mind…?
A: Knowing that a tiger was just around due to smell and marks it left on the route we were trekking; and when the guide told us to walk as close as possible and remind us not to run if anything happens made ME DIED A LITTLE. LIFE AT STAKE during Mount Chamah and Ulu Sepat expedition last 2016. Open safari is what Malaysian mountains all about, people.

T: What was the most challenging thing about travelling?
A: Not knowing what would happen to my loved ones if something happens to me while I’m travelling. Normally you can’t get any phone signals, especially when hiking in Malaysia. Aside from that, not having enough food is a disaster as well.

T: What place is top of your bucket list?
A: One is never enough. I always dream to hike mountains of the alps. To reach Everest is way beyond
my strength and perhaps Everest Basecamp (EBC) should suffice – before I reach 30!

T: One advice for travellers?
A: We can’t predict nature.  Always keep your head from the tree branches and feet from holes. Nature has its own way to let you enjoy it all but always be careful. You can search #WhenAdelaHikes on Instagram or follow me @syzadels (Instagram/Twitter) to know more about my trekking activities!