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20 Epic Adventures In Malaysia Volume 2

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You may have already read our first post sharing some epic adventures in Malaysia (if not, make sure that you do!). So, we decided to give you a part 2 of awesome escapades in Malaysia!

11. Enjoy Wreck Diving in Redang

Wreck diving Malaysia, discover a Vietnamese shipwreck
Source: Houseboat Holidays

Dive into Redang’s cerulean waters and explore a Vietnamese shipwreck for some thrilling action.

12. Eat eat EAT

Visit Malaysia and taste Nasi Lemak, satay, local kueh and many more!
Source: Irim

The Malaysian cuisine is as diverse as its people. Be sure to try the local delicacies from the night markets as well!

13. Wash an Elephant

Washing an elephant should be a part of your list of Malaysia things to do
Source: We heart it

Get acquainted with elephants in Kuala Gandah. Eat, wash and play with these majestic species during your stay in Malaysia.

14. Climb a Coconut Tree

Climb a coconut tree and choose your own coconut
Source: Shuttershock

Escape to Penang and climb your way to the top of a coconut tree and pick your own delicious coconut.

15. Visit a Wild Orchid Garden

Discover the Orchid garden, there are over 3000 varieties!
Source: byrneseyeview

Visit the Wild Orchid centre with over 3000 varieties and 800 unique species of orchids in the heart of KL. Enjoy the explosions of colours and scents in the wild garden.

16. Kayak in Mangrove Forest

Mangrove forest kayak is super exhilarating! Make sure to spot the monkey’s
Source: E&T Abroad

Enjoy a unique 5-hour eco-tour with a striking mangrove scenery on a guided kayaking adventure in Langkawi as see more of the island’s wilderness.

17. Headhunter’s Trail & Iban Longhouse

Spend the night at Iban Longhouse for a new experience
Source: Experience travel group

Go on a headhunter’s trail and explore the show caves of Mulu National Park. Entice yourself with a mix of jungle trekking, upriver travel and even spend the night at an Iban longhouse.

18. Enjoy a Fresh Coconut

Drinking a delicious coconut should be a part of your things to do in Malaysia
Source: Popsugar Australia

Drink a fresh coconut for a refreshing feel whilst relaxing on the beach in Malaysia’s heat! Make sure to eat the inside of the coconut it’s soft and delicious.

19. Swim with Sharks

During your Malaysia trip, make sure you go to Palau Paya to meet the sharks
Source: Indonesiantravelguide

Swim and snorkel with blacktip reef sharks in Pulau Paya, don’t worry they’re completely harmless. There are also hundreds of tropical fish for you to get acquainted with!

 20. Stay in a Cave

Sarawak Chamber is one of the places to see in Malaysia,
Source: National Geographic

Go on a three hour a hike to Gua Nasib Bagus (Good Luck Cave), before the spending the night at Sarawak Chamber, the largest cave chamber in the world!

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Ready for round 2 and have your own adventures in Malaysia?