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If you’re considering a trip to the mesmerising concrete jungle of Hong Kong, then why not opt to bask in the rich culture that Hong Kong has to offer by visiting during their most celebrated festivities? Let’s have a look at some of Hong Kong’s epic festival seasons which you should definitely not miss out on.

Hong Kong Chinese New Year

Hong Kong Festival: Hong Kong Chinese New Year

There is no better place to experience the authentic traditions of Hong Kong’s Chinese New Year, the city’s biggest and most colourful festival! This ancient festival gets a makeover that is uniquely Hong Kong with a fantastic parade of floats, stunning fireworks show over Victoria Harbour and so much more! And no Chinese New Year celebration is complete without the lion and dragon dance in Hong Kong which is so spectacular with thousands of dragons and lions that it has managed to cement its way into 2011’s Guinness World Records.

Hong Kong Arts Month

Hong Kong Festival: Hong Kong Arts Month

Apart from being rich in culture and traditions, Hong Kong is also recognized globally as the Asian hub for arts. If you are a fan of the modern arts, then March is the month to encounter diverse and inspiring local and overseas artworks presented in exhibitions or dance and music programmes at the theatres.

Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival

Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival

You cannot find any other dragon boat festival to be such a large-scale event as compared to the one in Hong Kong. Legend has it the dragon boat festival started as locals rushed to save the old man Qu Yan, an official who protested his country’s government, by banging drums and gongs to scare away anything that might harm him. In June, be prepared to cheer on world’s top boat athletes as they race against each other in the oldest festival yet to emerge the ultimate victor.

Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance

Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance

What will you do if your whole village is struck by a typhoon, a plague and a string of bad luck after? The Tai Hang community did a fiery move – they staged a three days and nights dragon fire dance performance to ward off the chaos and hey, it worked! This performance then became a ritual and after more than a century later, the Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance is inscribed onto China’s third national list of intangible cultural heritage.

The Dragon Dance is held annually before the Mid-Autumn festival along Tai Hang streets, drawing attention to their huge dragon, and accompanied with vigorous drummers and explosions of firecrackers.

Did you know that their hand-made dragon’s head is excessively heavy at 7okg, is 67 metres long with 32 sections, lit up with 24,000 incense sticks, and performed by 300 performers? Now that’s one massive hot, fiery dragon!

HK Great November Feast

Hong Kong Festival: HK Great November Feast

Eat your heart out throughout the month-long of great eats around Hong Kong in November. Savour the delights of local and international cuisines, which in your list must include dim sum, Hong Kong-style milk tea, noodles and much more. And all these deliciousness are also available at Halal restaurants in the city! So foodies, get your belly prepared and make November a feast to remember!

Hong Kong Pulse Light Festival

Hong Kong Pulse Light Festival
Photo credit: Hong Kong Tourism Board

During the month of November until January, the entire Hong Kong city literally glows at the iconic Victoria Harbour waterfront with dazzling themed light-art pieces from local and overseas artists and 3D laser graphic lights WinterFest decorations specifically at the Statue Square Christmas in the cosmopolitan city. Plan your trip towards the new year celebration and you can stay on to experience a wonderful and majestic fireworks display splashed across Hong Kong’s skyline at the Hong Kong New Year Countdown Celebrations.

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