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“…I Found Myself Becoming Someone New When The Trip Ended.” – Nash Amira

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T: A short bio about yourself? 3-4 lines that best describe you, what you do for a living and so…

N: My name is Nash Amira Abd Ali. My friends just called me Nashie or Amira. I will be 26 years old this July. I am a medical student in Egypt.

T: Where have you been?

N: I’ve been to forty countries so far. For now, my aim is to at least be somewhere in South America.

T: What was your best trip?

N: I’ve always been fascinated by Switzerland. The country itself is breathtaking, the locals were humble and nature offers out-of-this-world view especially in Interlaken. I was in love with Switzerland.

T: What did you learn about yourself during the trip?

N: I learnt a lot. I learnt how to tolerate others as I was road-tripping with a couple of friends starting in Besancon, France. I was pleased to know that I had a high tolerance of patients as many of my friends knew me as impatient person. I found myself became someone new when the trip ended.

T: What’s your favourite travel destination and why?

N: Apart from Switzerland, I was interested in Scandinavian countries. I have been to Sweden and Finland just to chase Aurora Borealis. The experience was incredible, it was so surreal. I couldn’t put into words to describe what I felt but it was something that I did for the third times now. I have been itching to go for the fourth sometime soon with a couple of friends.

T: Your favourite and most useful travel hacks?

N: I always made back-up documents (passport, ID) just in case something happened. As I normally backpacked during my trips, I rolled all of my clothes when packing. Instead of creating a folded pile in my backpack, rolling allows me to put other things in. To save some money, I usually bought something local. Or I will buy some groceries and cook at the hostel or Airbnb.