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Why I feel liberated when I’m in Japan!

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I’ve been to Japan once, years ago but I know things have not changed much there, especially when we roam around the city of Tokyo at night. Yes, that precise moment of liberation is euphoric and something I would remember for life.

Number one reason WHY I FELT LIBERATED when I was in Japan?

Photo credit : T.Kiya

Japan Is Famous for Its Low Crime Rate

Situation: You’re in Tokyo, the city with the most Michelin stars in the world and you feel like McDonald’s. Then, you go to the closest McDonald’s restaurant, put your purse and your MacBook Pro and on the table and head to the counter to place your order. You wait there for a couple of minutes, receive your food and head back to your table to eat.

This sounds ludicrous, right? Well, that’s how you do it in Japan! It’s not at all uncommon to see people leaving their valuables at the table while they go to the restroom or to the counter to place an order. It is considered safe because petty theft is almost non-existent in Japan. I’ve many times thought that Japan must be a thief’s paradise because Japanese people seem so naive when it comes to crime. But who can blame them? Why worry about something that doesn’t exist? And frankly, the low crime rate and the safe environment are some of my favorite things about Japan!

Petty theft and pickpocketing are as mentioned, almost non-existent. But what about more serious crimes? The most serious of them all; homicide. Glad you asked! Out of 230 countries in a rapport from 2017, Japan clocked in at 219th place. This means that only 11 states and territories have a lower homicide rate per 100,000 inhabitants than Japan. Those 11 states and territories are Niue, Nauru, Monaco, Lichtenstein, San Marino, Holy See, Andorra, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Saint Helena, and Macau.

As you can see, not the biggest countries! In fact, they have a combined population of under 1 million. Where Macau alone has 650,000. My conclusion is that Japan beats every sizable country in the world when it comes to having a low homicide rate.

Just to give you some a quick comparison of some of the major countries in the world. Homicide rate per 100,000 inhabitants:

  • Japan, 0.28
  • Singapore, 0.32
  • Australia, 0.94
  • Sweden, 1.08
  • German, 1.18
  • United Kingdom, 1.20
  • France, 1.35
  • Canada, 1.68
  • India, 3.22
  • USA, 5.35
  • Philippines, 11.02
    Source: Wikipedia

Looking at the numbers above makes one wonder, in a society with so few murders do Japanese police even have to carry guns?

However, on a positive note, the statistics above is not to ‘scare away’ tourists or travellers to NOT go to those ‘more’ dangerous countries (according to the list). It was just to highlight the reason why I felt so liberated when I was in Japan.

Hopefully this would ignite your desire to visit Japan soon-ish. Please add Japan into your bucket list!

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