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7 Halal Cafes in Melaka You Don’t Know!

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Lifestyle changes have backed the growth of cafes in Malaysia for the past several years. Do you remember when cafes were just places where you stop for food and drinks? Functional interior, simple decor and modestly plated food… Well, not anymore. Thanks to the rising hipster culture, from the outlook of cafes to the presentation of the food, everything has changed. Be part of this hipster culture and check out these 7 best halal cafes in Melaka whenever you’re visiting this historical city of Malaysia.

1) Dutch Harbor Café


This café is simply the best because of the location and of course, what they serve. A place that is family-friendly, excellent and prompt service, reasonably priced menu and not forgetting, the mesmerizing view of the river is very inviting to any customers who enjoy a good all-in-one cafe. Dutch Harbor Café is located strategically by the Malacca River and is positioned at the heart of the Heritage city. They cover all sorts of different cuisines like Asian, Western and local Malaccan food; their most well-known trademark is the All Day Breakfast menu.

What we like: Amazing Melaka River view

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 9am – 11pm

Address: Jalan Laksamana, 75100 Melaka, Malaysia


2) LeQue Café

Credit: rozie.mahri.official

A fine cafe that serves Malaysian, Asian and Western cuisine. Their food is outstanding and their location is superb, right in the heart of an infamous area in Malacca, the Jonker Street. After your walk in the historical centre, drop by for the famous local Melaka dish “Asam Pedas” – we promise it is the best in town! It’s a simply must-go-to spot for halal food in Malacca.

What we like: Ambience and friendly staff

Opening hours: Daily 5pm-11pm; Tues closed

Address: 21 Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia.


3) Halia Inc

Credit: eykasuhaimi

Halia Inc. is a coffee bar/cafe in central Melaka, located in a renovated customs warehouse along the Melaka River. You’ll walk into the world of stylish hipster interior: exposed orange bricks, wooden boards, recycled timber and occasional strips of wallpaper which make up the walls and flooring. Make sure you try their “hearty nasi goreng”. It comes in a tiffin tin with three layers holding: hot and tasty fried rice with prawns and a runny egg; Nyonya kuih-muih, traditional desserts, and local fruits. The perfect combo!

What we like: Lovely interior decor (5-star Instagram-friendly!)

Opening hours: Daily 7am – 11pm

Address: Halia Inc. Restaurant and Coffee Bar, No 1 Jalan Merdeka, Quayside Heritage Centre (opposite Bandar Polis), Bandar Hilir, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia


4) De Reve Saloon Cafe

Credit: janechuck

De Reve Saloon is a salon, nail parlour and cafe, all in one! Situated on an outer lot of a new shop block, this joint is the place to go for youngsters or travellers who yearn to get a combo of self-pampering and food. We loved affordable prices, delicious servings and remarkable service! Among their sweet signature dishes are brownie waffle, apple peach crumble and chocolate lava cake. If your taste buds are craving for something savoury, order the Hawaiian Tuna pizza or the wholemeal toast homemade pizza. It’s your call!

What we like: Every woman’s dream – salon, nail parlour and cafe in one

Opening hours: Daily 11 am – 8pm, closed on Thursdays

Address: De Reve Saloon Cafe 203-G, Jalan Kenanga 3/29, Taman Kenanga, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia.


5) Truly Two Café

Credit: wanisyazofficial

Truly Two Café is a boutique cafe located in Bukit Baru, Malacca. Focusing mostly desserts, you may want to try their signature dessert, Sundae Cheesecake, served with caramelized walnuts and topped with vanilla ice cream and butterscotch sauce. If you’re looking for something extraordinaire, try their Nutella Pizza or “French Miniature”, a plate of mini creme brulee with vanilla ice cream, choc mousse and panna cotta. Savoury cravings are satisfied with a selection of light brunch mains such as Seafood salad and cheesy chicken nachos.

What we like: Their milkshakes are just ummphh…

Opening hours: Daily 12pm – 10.30pm

Address: No. 9, Jalan PNBB 2, Pusat Niaga Bukit Baru, Seksyen IV, Mukim Bukit Baru, Bukit Baru, 75150, Melaka, Malaysia.


6) The Coffee Addict

Credit: shun2u

The name says it all! This studio café located at Simpang Ampat serves both Western and local cuisine at fairly reasonable prices. One of their must-try dishes is the  “Nasi Lemak 2K” with fragrant coconut rice, crunchy fried chicken, freshly sliced cucumber, fried anchovies and their special hot spicy sauce. To complement their halal food, the remarkable rustic interior design makes you want to stay longer just so you can chill here a little bit more.

What we like: Ice Blended Cookie Monster

Opening hours: Daily 3pm – 1am

Address: TN 7, Jalan BBSE, Bandar Baru Simpang Ampat, 78000, Simpang Ampat, Alor Gajah, Melaka, Malaysia


7) Coffeeology Cafe & Restaurant

Credit: xueliyong

With so many coffee shops around Melaka, it’s not easy to make a decision which would worth your money and time; however, Coffeeology cafe is not going to disappoint with its comfy halal food and amazing coffee. Look for the classic Nasi Lemak, toasts, breakfast set meal and milkshakes. We would personally recommend “Big Ben” milkshake, a signature blend of swiss chocolate and hazelnut. Ready to indulge yourself?

What we like: Live band performances

Opening hours: Daily 10am – 11.30pm

Address: 23, Ixora Condominium, Bukit Beruang Street, De Dahlia Avenue, Jalan Ixora, 75450, Melaka, Malaysia


Like These Halal Cafes in Melaka?

If you’ve visited any of them or you have any other brilliant cafes that serve the best halal food in Melaka and you think should be on this list, drop us a comment! Looking for Muslim-friendly stay when you are in Melaka? Make your booking with Tripfez!

Note: This article has been updated in May 2017 to reflect any changes.