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10 Halal Food In Bangkok That You Should Try

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To get close to the local culture of Bangkok, one of the many ways is to try their delectable and rare kinds of street food. They are yummy, convenient to get and amazingly cheap. Sometimes, it can be intimidating too, especially for foreigners who are not too familiar with Asian cuisines. Wherever you go in Bangkok, there are many food stalls and vendors who are actively selling their lovely food to customers. Some street food in Bangkok even operates around the clock. But is it Halal? The answer is yes! Hence, in this piece, we will expose 10 Halal street food you must try in Bangkok.

#1 Roasted Duck @ Hasan Roasted Duck

For only THB60, you should try the Hasan Roasted Duck. The surrounding at Hasan translates the exact definition of Bangkok’s street food; it is busy, chaotic and always full of people around the vicinity. The tables provided are not that many, so if it’s full, you have to wait for your turn. Be sure to try their duck noodles or the fatty, crispy skin duck served over hot rice with a splash of soy vinegar sauce on the top, marvellous!

Halal food in Bangkok: Hasan Roasted Duck

#2 Kuay Teow Neua @ Aisa Rotdee

The Aisa Rotdee is located in the centre of Khao San backpacker district. Here, you can try their famous Kuay Teow Neua for only THB40. Or, if you are not into Kuay Teow, opt for beef noodles instead. Their broth is so tasty and the chunks of tender beef just make the dish, a perfect meal.

Kuay Teow Neua (beef noodles) at Aisa Rot Dee

#3 Khao Soi @ Saman Islam

Saman Islam serves Khao Soi for only THB80. This is a dish of yellow egg noodles with chicken and it is served in a creamy coconut curry. This stall is situated directly at the centre of Bangkok’s popular weekend market. So, after your busy shopping trip, don’t forget to drop by and grab a meal along with some refreshments to rejuvenate!

Halal food in Bangkok: Chicken Khao Soi (Thai Coconut Curry Noodle Soup)
Credit: noodleworship

#4 Som Tam (also known as Papaya Pok Pok)

Som Tam is an unripe papaya salad. It is shredded and the traditional dressing can be quite spicy. Sometimes, they do add raw-black crabs into the salad too. This is what makes it rather unique. You can easily purchase the Papaya Pok Pok for only THB20-THB30.

Halal food in Bangkok: Som-tam (also known as Papaya Pok Pok)
Credit: the_global_palate

#5 Pla-Pao (salted grilled fish)

Pla-Pao is a salted grilled fish dish. A freshwater fish is heavily salted on the outside. This is to form a salt crust. After that, the fish will be grilled. The salt-crusted skin is peeled away and reveal the moist and deliciousness of the grilled fish. Served with a bit of sour sauce and some veggies, this dish is simply enticing! The price is ranging from THB50 – THB80 depending on the size.

Pla-Pao (salted grilled fish)
Credit: cdn_panda1

#6 Sweet Banana Pancake

The sweet pancake is prepared by mixing flour with banana and eggs. Then, it will be topped with sugar and milk. The price of this dessert is ranging from THB15 – THB25 only. Affordable and yummy!

Thai Banana Pancake
Credit: yuliannadya

#7 Kai-Pla-Muek

Ok, this is pretty unique. This dish is actually the eggs of squid. They are taken from the stomach of a huge pregnant squid-mom, then fried and served. The dish comes with fresh sliced cabbage, with the fried egg of the squid put on top. Then, it will be smothered with the sauce just like the Pla-Pao and this dish only cost THB20-THB30.

Fried squid egg
Credit: foodngardening

#8 Khao-Pod (boiled sweet corn) and Thua-Li-Song (groundnut)

Khao-Pod is boiled sweet corn and Thua-Li-Song is groundnuts. These street foods are not only popular in Bangkok but in many different cities in Southeast Asia too. But what makes Bangkok different is that they will usually dip the corn in a salty sauce before serving it. The price is ranging from THB15-THB25.

Khao-Pod (boiled sweet corn)
Credit: prapimpan_nam

#9 Khao Mok Gai or Chicken Biryani

Yes, you have read it right. Chicken Briyani! Well, of course, Bangkok’s version. It is also known as the Khao Mok Gai and can be considered as one of the best chicken biryani in Bangkok. Where can you get it? Go to Silom area and walk along Convent Road. Their Khao Mok Gai is definitely Halal and it consists of a chicken drumstick, slices of fresh cucumber, and fried sliced onions. The rice they served is simply aromatic and well-seasoned too. The fried shallots on top are just the perfect finish to this dish. You can try this dish by only paying an affordable price of THB40.

Khao Mok Gai or Thailand Chicken Biryani
Source: marionskitchenfood

#10 Mango Sticky Rice

Mango sticky rice is a must-try Thai dessert. Indulge yourself in this sweetened, traditional Thai dessert. It is made of steamed glutinous rice. It also comes with slices of sweet ripe mango which is then topped with toasted sesame seeds. The coconut milk sauce poured over the top is creamy and simply delicious. You can purchase this yummy dessert at a cheap price of THB60 – THB80.

Halal food in Bangkok: Mango Sticky Rice
Credit: thrivemags

The experience of having Thai’s street food is definitely exciting and bewildering. Without a slight doubt, Bangkok can offer daring eaters with hours of thrilling culinary exploration. Hopefully, the 10 Halal street food that Tripfez has listed can encourage you to visit Bangkok, Thailand and try them all out!

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