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Following the self-drive article around North Island New Zealand, we are also keen to tell you about some of the best halal restaurants in Auckland. Auckland is the point of entry of many flights from Malaysia and the ASEAN region, so naturally, it is the first gateway to amazing New Zealand and its great food. As the nation blessed with 9:1 sheep: human ratio, abundant seafood and a high yield of produce, New Zealand will never disappoint you! Also, did you know that New Zealand is one of the top halal meat exporters?

Thanks to the ever-growing power and volume of Muslim tourists, there are more halal restaurants than ever in the country. To help you to navigate hundreds of halal eateries, we took the liberty of listing 8 best halal restaurants in Auckland. Enjoy and please share your reviews with us!

Pedro House of Lambs

Eat New Zealand halal meat at Pedro!

Pedro House of Lambs lets you savour the amazing slow-cooked lamb, done Spanish-style. The quality of New Zealand lamb matched with a generous serving of potatoes and vegetables will make you drool. For $45, the standard set can serve 3-4 adults. Besides, its halal lamb is also available as a takeaway or an order through Uber Eats.

Cuisine: European, Spanish
Zomato rating: 3.4
Website: ,
How to get there: it’s located nearby Western Park,
Business hours: Everyday 12PM – 8:30PM
Recommended on the menu: Whole Lamb Shoulder with Potato Set


Makanan halal di New Zealand: Seafood restaurant Auckland
Source: Foodspotting

If you are in New Zealand and in quest of local delicacies, you have to try their oysters! But finding oysters platter which is halal and with non-alcoholic dip is quite taxing. Raw oysters usually are served with wine-based condiment while cooked oysters are coated with beer batter. Fret not, we have found a guilt-free outlet for you to indulge in oysters and seafood: the halal-friendly Swashbucklers.

The view of the harbor, the ambience that gives you the sense of nautical “Outback Steakhouse” and fresh seafood will complete your day in the city.

Cuisine: New Zealand, Seafood
Zomato Rating: 3.7
How to get there: it’s close to Victoria Park
Business hours: 11AM-11PM
Recommended on the menu: Seafood platter (which include oysters)

Poké Poké

Best halal restaurants Auckland
Source: Poké Poké

Let’s take a break from the usual New Zealand meat fair and take a bite of popular food of Pacific/Maori cuisine, the poké bowl. Poké is a raw fish salad made from fresh fish and other ingredients. And, if you’re looking for a fresh poke bowl in Auckland, look no further than Poké Poké. This cute outlet even allows you to custom-made your poke, ala Subway!

Cuisine: Maori, Pacific
Zomato Rating: 4.1
How to get there: head south of Lake Pupuke,
Business hours: Mon-Sat 11:30AM-8PM, Sun 11:30AM-4PM
Recommended on the menu: Purple Rice with Salmon, Seaweed Salad and Black Sesame Emulsion

Delish Lounge

Halal Auckland restaurants
Source: Delish Lounge

A little fusion wouldn’t hurt, right? This halal outlet serves Fijian, Indian and Chinese dishes that are simply mouth-watering and flavoursome. The serving size is generous, and if your travel-mates are divided about where to eat (and you know an argument about eating place can last for hours…) just settle with Delish Lounge and everyone will be happy!

Cuisine: Fiji, Indian, Chinese
Zomato Rating: 3.3
How to get there: leave Auckland and head to East Tamaki,
Business hours: 10AM-9:30PM
Recommended on the menu: Fiji Style Boneless Chicken Curry, Prawn Chow-Mein and Lollipop Chicken

Grill and Shakes

Where to eat in Auckland
Source: Grill and Shakes

The kids-friendly Grill and Shakes doesn’t have to try hard to satisfy your sweet cravings. Besides the extensive milkshakes options, they also serve burgers, popcorn shrimps, organic sodas and flat-breads. You’ll spend a long minute deciding which milkshakes to order, but you’ll never feel guilty because they are made from organic milk and real ingredients.

Cuisine: Fast Food, Desserts
Zomato Rating: 4.0
How to get there: go to the Kingsland station,
Business hours: Everyday 11AM-10PM, except for Mon (12PM-9PM)
Recommended on the menu: The milkshakes! They are to die for.

Revive Cafe

Best restaurants in Auckland
Source: Tripadvisor

We love the fact that the menu changes every day! And the salad bar, every week! You can revive your love for healthy eating with a myriad of salad and vegetarian, vegan as well as a guilty-free meal here.

Cuisine: Vegetarian & Vegan
Zomato Rating: 4.3
How to get there: 2 outlets in Auckland next to Albert Park; 33, Lorne Street ( and 24, Wyndham Street (
Business hours: 7 AM to 7 PM (Mon-Thu),7 AM to 4 PM (Fri), Closed on Sat and Sun
Recommended on the menu: Since the menu is ever-changing, embrace the delicious uncertainty and pop at the cafe to try the meal of the day

Petra Shawarma

Middle eastern restaurant Auckland
Source: Localist

This middle eastern restaurant in Auckland has been voted Top 10 Cheap Eats by Metro NZ for not skimping on great authentic ingredients. It is not a fast-food chain or your typical kebab stand, so manage your expectation on the waiting time because the meal is made-to-order. However, everything here is home-made so for those who miss the familiar halal Middle Eastern food when you are in New Zealand, you can check out Petra Shawarma.

Cuisine: Middle Eastern
Zomato rating: 4.0
How to get there: it’s next to the Kingsland station,
Business hours: 11:00AM-10:30PM except for Sun & Mon (12PM-9:30PM)
Recommended on the menu: Baba ganoush (vegetarian-friendly!) and the dreamy baklava

Little Turkish Cafe

Come to this cafe to devour halal meat in Auckland
Source: My View Auckland

After roaming around the city and chilling out with friends until late night, where would you go to settle down your grumbling tummy? Skipping the late-night burger outlets, you can opt for halal supper (or super early breakfast) at Little Turkish Cafe. They are open late till the wee hours and offer Turkish kebab, pizza, Falafel and Samosas.

Cuisine: Turkish, International
Zomato Rating: 3.4
How to get there: it’s south of Myers Park,
Business Hours: 10AM till late (sometimes until 6:30AM!)
Recommended on the menu: Wood oven pizza and lamb kebab

So there you go, the list of best halal restaurants in Auckland New Zealand curated for everyone in your travel group: the fussy, the curious, the hipster, the health-conscious and the constantly-hungry ones. Enjoy your meal, and

Last tips

  • New Zealand government has come up with a comprehensive guide of halal eateries for Muslim travellers.
  • If you are in doubt, please ask the owner politely not only about the source of the meat, but also if the food is prepared according to Islamic law (zabihah)
  • If you want your food to be delivered to you, check out Uber Eats or Menulog

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This article was written by Wan Nurul Hanani and edited by Natalija.

About Hanani: Inspired by her parents who wrestled their way out of a very rural area to obtain national scholarships and to have a high-flying career, Hanani believes that everything is possible once you set your mind into it. She has embarked on solo travels and treks to Peru, Iran, New Zealand, Turkey, Morocco and other countries since 2009. Her love of mountains has taken her to the likes of Mount Yong Belar, Mount Semeru to Annapurna Base Camp on which she proudly donned the traditional baju kurung or kebaya.