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Halal Trip to Singapore: 48 Hours Itinerary

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Halal trip to Singapore within 48 hours and that’s it. That is all you have. You might think, a small country like Singapore, it is more than enough to explore everything. Unfortunately, you have completely gotten that idea wrong, my friend. When you have only 48 hours to spend in the Lion City, may it be a layover or perhaps just a short holiday, you definitely need to focus on visiting the main attractions this bustling city has to offer if 48 hours is all you have. However, don’t worry, although, with limited time, you still can get the best out of Singapore, with abundance of halal food options you’ll find.

Leave it to us and, guess what? We will also provide a friendly and convenient halal trip to Singapore suggestions to all fellow Muslim travellers out there. So, buckle up, enjoy, relax and read on!

Before You Start: Where to makan ah?

Singapore has tons of great food options: make sure you check out our list of the best 5-star hotels with halal food in Singaporebest halal buffets under 100 Singaporean dollars and 10 halal restaurants in Singapore, loved by celebrities and sultans.

Day 1 of Your 48 Hours in Singapore


Start your first morning in Singapore fresh by heading high up! Hop on to the highest observation wheel in the world – the Singapore Flyer.

Get an overview of what Singapore is like, the size, the ambience, and your sight can also be extended beyond the Marina Bay Sands as well as the Gardens by the Bay. If the lady luck is on your side and the day is clear, you might even get the chance to see the neighbouring countries like Indonesia and Malaysia! Don’t forget to snap many pictures as you are high up on the wheel and enjoy each moment thoroughly.

Halal trip to Singapore - make a stop at Singapore Flyer
Credit: singaporeflyer

Next in the list, you can head on to the Marina Bay Sands. This is Singapore iconic building with three towers and that weird ship-like thing on the top. Do you know that the world’s biggest infinity pool links the top of the three buildings? Talking about unique architecture, this is superbly genius and one of a kind!

Infinity Pool in Marina Bay Sands
Credit: marinabaysands


In the afternoon, next to Marina Bay Sands, you can opt to have your lunch at halal restaurants near the building. Check our food suggestions! To continue with your afternoon adventure in Singapore, we highly suggest that you go for a little bit of culture and historical experience. Head over to the Art-Science Museum which is located close to the Marina Bay Sands mall. The architecture of this building is said to be a form resonant of a lotus flower and is amazingly magnificent.

The Art Science Museum, Singapore
Credit: singapour.tourisme


As for dinner, experience Singapore’s mouthwatering delicacies in one of these halal buffet restaurants under 100 Singaporean dollars: our personal favourite – StraitsKitchen that offers amazing Chili and Pepper Crab!

Before you end the night, we highly suggest that you take the time to wander around Singapore’s Esplanade which is the performing arts centre of the country. They have free performances ongoing almost daily. By that being said, it saves cost, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to indulge in the arts performed in Esplanade.

One of the performing art in Singapore.
Credit: esplanadesingapore

Day 2 of your 48 hours in Singapore


Rise and shine!

On day two, start off by having breakfast at the famous Adam Road Nasi Lemak or Geylang Serai Market; the latter is the centre of Singapore’s Malay community. So, it will be a breeze for you to look for Halal breakfast to fuel your long and exciting day ahead. This place has a great wet market on the first level and on the second level, you can find more great food and varieties of shops to look around at.

Halal trip to Singapore - Geylang Serai Market
Credit: spread_of_comestibles

Next, you can take a walk to the Joo Chiat Complex. Here, you can see a lot of crafts, textiles, pieces of jewellery and beautiful traditional clothing sold at reasonable prices too.

Joo Chiat Complex, Singapore
Credit: euginemay

After you are done, you can then go to one of Singapore’s most famous shopping destinations, the Bugis Street Market. The amazing conserved and vibrant shophouses in Haji and Bali Lane will definitely steal your attention. So, get that camera of yours ready!

Bugis Street, Singapore
Credit: timothyaputra


In Bugis Street itself, there are plenty of halal restaurants and cafes to choose from for your lunch. Some suggestions would be, Krave Café, The Mad Sailors, and & Why Café. Check these cool places out!

After a hefty lunch, now it’s time to make a move and head to Little India MRT station. The next destination will be Serangoon Road. This is one of Singapore’s most lively districts. It is filled up with amazing characters and you can see a good combination among all the religions in Singapore. Hindu and Chinese temples, mosques and churches can be spotted here. A great way to see how Singapore stays peaceful even with so many religions in one small area.

Serangoon Road, Singapore
Credit: fionaottheogre

If you want to do a little bit of shopping in Little India, go to Mustafa Centre. This place covers mostly everything from saris, groceries, and even electronics. This place is open 24/7!


As the evening of day two approaches, hop on a bus and go to Chinatown to visit the famous Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum
Credit: lucacavgallons

Then, take a leisurely walk around the area and enjoy the refreshing ambience. Perhaps, you can try and enjoy a cup of coffee at the Nylon Roasters Coffee for a treat.

As for dinner, indulge yourself with one of the best Muslim’s Nasi Padang in Singapore which is located at this address: People’s Park Complex Food Center, 32 New Market Road #01-1126A, 050032, Chinatown, Singapore.

Halal trip to Singapore - Scrumptious Nasi Padang
Credit: kohikoji

Muslim friendly amenities in Singapore

Muslim-friendly hotels can be found in any part of the city. Most of them will remove any alcohol from the mini-bar and provide information on Muslim-friendly restaurants in their area. If you wish to perform prayers while exploring Singapore, worry not as there are many mosques and prayer rooms scattered all over this city.

There you have it! A quick guide to exploring the Lion City in 48 hours. As you noticed, the itinerary is very simple yet interesting. While curating this guideline for you, Tripfez is very careful to make sure that each destination is close to one another so that you will be able to do a great travel experience within the 48 hours timeline. Enjoy!

What do you think of this halal trip to Singapore itinerary?

Let us know in the comments! If you’re in Singapore, make sure you check out our favourite halal restaurants in Singapore (loved by celebrities and sultans!) and best halal buffets under 100 Singaporean dollars.

Book Muslim-friendly Packages to Singapore

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