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“It Was The Best Trip I Ever Had! Thank You, Mak Abah!” – Hanis Kamil

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Check out the list of countries this lucky Tripfezroamer had been to with her lovely parents…Impressive!

T: A short bio about yourself? 3-4 lines that best describe you, what you do for a living and so…
H: Hello! My name is Fadhilah Hanis Binti Kamil, 27 years old and originally from Pahang, Malaysia. I have recently completed a Master of Business Administration from one of the local universities in Malaysia. I do love baking and it has become a successful part-time business that I really enjoy since 2015. Besides that, I love to travel around the world where it keeps me living, experiencing other cultures, making new memories and most important thing; it makes me appreciate everything around me.

Credit: Hanis Kamil

T: Which destinations have you visited with your families and for how long?
H: When I was a little kid, Langkawi, Malaysia always been my favourite destination. I believe my parent wants only the best for their children and they understand we (my siblings and I) love to travel by aeroplane so much! Although the journey only took around 45 minutes from Kuantan to Langkawi by aeroplane, it already made us smile all day!

As time goes by, we have the opportunity to travel abroad. My parent and I have been to London, Paris, Thailand, Indonesia, Turki, Singapore, Brunei, China, South Korea, Greece, Australia and Saudi Arabia. Recently, we just got back from the Balkans; Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Croatia. We went there for 14 days. It was the best trip I ever had! Thank you Mak Abah!

Credit: Hanis Kamil

T: How do you keep everything (children, parents, plans and etc) under control throughout the travel?
H: Through my observation and experience travelling with my parent who has medications that need to take every day, it requires more planning. It’s a good idea to put all those medications and vitamins in a pill-cutter since it is the easiest way to carry them throughout the journey and not to forget to bring an economy bottle of oil ointment, just in case we have to deal with diarrhoea, hay fever, headaches or any minor illness. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Credit: Hanis Kamil

T: Any exciting unforgettable experience you’ve had with your families while travelling?
H: A truly memorable experience I’ve had with my family was when we were travelling in Cappadocia, Turki where we had a lovely hot air balloon experience. I believe that was a once in a lifetime experience for us! The views were extremely beautiful, flew over villages and huge rock formations with hundreds of other balloons scattered around us. Such an amazing experience!

Credit: Hanis Kamil

T: Did your travels experience change your families in any way?
H: Yes! Travel changes my life and my families for the better since it is the best education ever. It helps us grow as a person, a better person. We learn to make friends and get more comfortable in approaching new people. The more we talked and embraced socializing, the more we learn about different people from different background and lifestyles. We realized that people with less money have the most humbling things to say about the world. They were the ones that taught us that money can’t buy happiness.

I still remember places where I never thought I have the opportunity to go to and to be honest, I have cried when leaving places that some people do not even know existed. Indeed, travel is a personal experience that can make me smile and even cries to realize how blessed I am and how wonderful the world is. Here’s to many more memories and many more countries to explore together with both of you my dear Mak Abah, InsyaAllah!

Credit: Hanis Kamil

T: Which destination(s) would you recommend to families who want to travel?
H: I highly recommend people to travel to Balkans countries. Most of the countries in Balkan provide unbeatable views of lakes and mountains. You will be surprised with the outdoor adventure, architectural wonders and the country’s natural beauty with accessible islands along the way such as at Dubrovnik in Croatia. I literally could stare at the landscape around me for hours and oh I wish my eyes could snap photos of all those magnificent views! Throughout the journey, you will fall in love with the old city of Kotor located in Montenegro, the most beautiful old town on the Adriatic coast! Truly, this world is a beautiful place with a lot to explore and people to be inspired by. Let’s go and enjoy it too. Travel is the greatest teacher of all.