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Hidden Dubai: The Undiscovered Places And Things To Do In Dubai

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Perhaps, one of the top Asian tourist destinations, Dubai surely has a lot to offer. When you are looking to explore the best of Dubai, you may wish to travel places that aren’t so common after all. Dubai is more than just the Burj Khalifa and the Palm Jumeirah Beach. Here, let us take a detour of the hidden and undiscovered places and things to do in Dubai.

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1. Hatta pools

Hatta Pools @ Dubai
Credit: sheikhafekri

This is a sheikhdom which is located atop the mountains. When the heat in Dubai gets maddening and you are caught vacationing, you can always head to Hatta. It is located 115 km east of the Dubai city. You will find plenty of rock pools here and there are old lame houses and a couple of military towers and a Jumna Mosque as well. However, be a little careful because there have been reports that this area is prone to a lot of theft.

2. Al Quoz

Al Quoz
Credit: alhanoofmajjan

Some of the residents of Dubai may tell you that it is an industrial zone with absolutely nothing to do and explore, but it does have something great to watch. If you love to behold art, there are plenty of galleries which will help you enjoy the picturesque art here. There are also a lot of horse stables that are hidden as well.  It is also a great place for some thrift shopping and especially for those who want to enjoy custom made furniture. You can get great furniture designs and that too at jaw-dropping prices.

3. The Dubai creek

The Dubai Creek
Credit: laraandtheworld

All those who stay at new Dubai may have never been to this side of Dubai. Nonetheless, it remains one of the most beautiful places and you can simply wander along the creek. Make it a point to walk along the ruler’s court. There is a Hindu temple too that is located there. Further, you can also find markets where you can get fabrics and trinkets as well. The creek also offers you a great view of the nearby and adjoining areas and is increasing in popularity among tourists.

4. Bastakiya area

Bastakiya area
Credit: swatikart

Al Bastakiya is one of the historic regions in Dubai. Along with Al Shindagha, Al Bastakiya remains the oldest residential areas. There are a lot of narrow lanes here. Make sure not to miss out on Al Fahidi fort which remains the oldest existing building in the whole of the city. Currently, a project is ongoing wherein a lot of old buildings present here would be restored.  It is mainly the architecture of the place which is renowned and is worth a visit.

5. Lisaili Camel market

Places and Things to do in Dubai: Camel Market Al Lisaili Dubai

If you love traditional Arabic stuff which you would like to take as a souvenir, this is the market to be. Here you can find plenty of handicrafts and trinkets. It is located very close to Dubai racing and camel club. Make it a point to head to Bab Al Shams resort as you can sip your afternoon tea or even enjoy juice as well. There are a lot of camel blankets which can be found too.

These are 5 of the undiscovered gems in Dubai. All those who want a little offbeat trip and you want to do more than visiting the Burj Khalifa and going on a desert safari, these are some of the lesser-known yet enjoyable activities in Dubai which you need to mingle in.

When in Dubai, you can easily enjoy halal meat as they are readily available at a lot of different dining locations. So, what are you looking for? Plan a trip and let us know which of these attractions you would love to visit!