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How To Experience Perth In A Day

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Nestled between the Swan River to the south and Kings Park to the west, Perth is a mixture of bustling museums and gorgeous parks. There are so much to do in this Western Australia’s city; from immersing oneself in the culture, to discovering the beauty of its nature.

Perhaps, you have plans to go there and mingle with the koalas and kangaroos – or you are already there but you have no idea where else to explore apart from the itinerary that was given to you (check out our own 5D4N tour).​​​ Either way, if you have just another day to spend in this wonderful city and need some ideas to fill it with something interesting, we have something in mind for you!

Tripfez’s Tips in Perth: 

  • Instead of walking, you can choose to ride in a bicycle to get around in Perth. Your hotel might offer the rental service, or they will definitely be more than happy to point you in the right direction.
  • Not keen on tipping? No worries, it’s not a custom here!
  • On a budget? Hop on the Central Area Transit (CAT) buses that are available in the city of Perth!

Note: For this one-day itinerary, you might need to rent a car instead as we’re going a little out of the way from the city centre!

Now, are you ready?

Exploring The Pinnacles Desert 

Make your way in the morning to the Nambung National Park, located about three hours away from the city. This is where The Pinnacles Desert is situated and here you will be able to see thousands of weathered limestone pillars waiting majestically for your jaw to drop upon the first sight! The source of the limestone has been said to be coming from seashells in the past era that was rich in marine life, but up until now, there are still many speculations as to how it is possible to form such structure from that kind of material. Isn’t that interesting?

Tripfez’s Tip:  It is sure hot out there in the desert! Make proper preparations before visiting; such as putting on the sunscreen, wearing long sleeves to avoid direct sun contact on the skin, protecting your head with a hat on and bringing an adequate amount of water to keep yourself hydrated!

If you’re feeling bold, opt to explore further by walking along the Desert View Trail! The whole walk will take you approximately 45 minutes to complete so make sure to use a pair of comfy shoes too. Your feet will love you!

Tripfez’s Tip: Follow the signs to avoid getting lost!

Feasting at the Lobster Shack

What’s that sound? It’s your tummy growling! ​​​Of course, you’re bound to get hungry after all the exploring around the desert! Time to satisfy any seafood craving that you might have at the famous Lobster Shack located in Cervantes; it will only take a short 30 minutes to drive and reach there. Treat yourself with fresh lobsters at this restaurant which also offers outdoor seating facing the gorgeous view of the sea.​ Now that’s what we call dining with both mouth and eyes!

Tripfez’s Tip: Check out their daily lunch specials on their menu to try out something different too!

Sandboarding in Lancelin

Now that you’re all fed and fueled up, let’s continue your day with an hour drive to Lancelin to try sandboarding! 

Hold on, mate, what is sandboarding? Similar to surfing, but instead of being on the water, you’ll be doing it on white sand dunes. Definitely a fun activity you should try when visiting!

Tripfez’s Tips: 

  • Sandboard can be rented at around AUD10 onwards and you should be able to see rental shops as you’re approaching the area.
  • Get it lubricated! To let the snowboard runs longer, apply board wax which you can also get when renting the equipment.
  • Put on a safety goggle to be safe. It can be pretty windy there!

Dinner at Lord of The Fries

After a day filled with activities, make sure to drop by at The Lord Of The Fries in the CBD. Known for its affordability and of course, finger-licking delicious foods, this fast-food chain also caters to special dietary request such as halal, kosher and vegan!

Tripfez’s Tip: Highly recommending the Original Burger, Chicago Hot Dog and the Halal Snack Pack!

So, there you have it, a full day of fun-packed and tummy-packed activities covering Perth’s nature, culture and foods!  Booked your adventure to Perth with us? You can use this itinerary to fill your ‘free-and-easy’ day too. Problem solved, you’re welcome!