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Is Boracay Worth The Hype Or The Dreaded Tourist Trap?

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There are a ton of things to do in the Philippines. The country is known for its vast history and beautiful landmarks. Not only does their capital city hold tons of historical places, but there are also nearby provinces and islands to visit as well. It’s also known for their beaches as well. White sands, hospitable locals, and a ton of fun water activities to do… What’s there not to love?

One of the most popular tourist attractions and beaches in the Philippines would be Boracay. Known for its white sand and crystal clear waters, you’ll find tons of celebrities and tourists visiting the place for some peace and quiet. You can even find locals partying away, having the time of their lives! BUT, we’ve heard a lot of different things from tourists and locals. While some are great, some make me question: Is Boracay worth the hype today?

Is Boracay Worth the Hype?

Boracay was once known as the beach for its white and ultrafine sand. You will also be able to find the clearest of waters and an amazing view. There are tons of hotels and resorts in Boracay that will give you the luxury and hospitable service you expect. You would often find celebrities, locals, tourists, families and groups of friends visit the area. Whether it’s a relaxing time you need or a bit of a nightlife to unwind from work, then they say that Boracay is definitely the place to visit!

Boracay was once known as the beach for its white and ultrafine sand
Credit: by.elisha

But as time wears on, we started to notice that it’s slowly becoming more of a tourist trap than the beautiful beach it once was. From the trip going to Boracay down to the moment you leave, you are either in an uncomfortable position with tons of people, or spending tons of money trying to have a good time!

View at Boracay Island
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Expecting peace? Sorry. You’ll be faced with a TON of beachgoers who may have been trying to find the same thing. What’s worse is that there is little Filipino culture at all, so you don’t get that feel or experience of being in the Philippines, as they focus more on foreigners. And once the night comes, don’t expect much sleep unless you can rest from the loud music during the parties that go up to 4AM! Plus, the trash the morning after isn’t pleasant to see. So is Boracay worth the hype? judge for yourself! Read more: Find out why Boracay is a popular Honeymoon Destination

In Conclusion

Are you visiting the Philippines? The country is a very popular tourist spot for those interested in visiting Asia. There are beautiful places to visit at low costs. Many people say that Boracay is a must-see for tourists and somewhere locals should visit at least once in their lifetime. But with today’s crowd, is Boracay worth the hype?

Is boracay worth the hype?
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It all depends on your preferences when going on vacation. While Boracay is still a beautiful place to visit, you can actually find more untouched and less crowded beaches around the Philippines just as great as this popular place! Not only that, but it may be cheaper as well. In the end, it’s totally up to you if you would want to give it a visit or not.

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