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“I’ve Conquered The Most Dangerous Mountain In The World, Next Would Be…” – Amirul Azaha

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Hello Tripfezroamers, how you’ve been doing? Happy December by the way and we would like you to virtually meet Amirul Azaha! We’re so inspired by his travel stories and we think you would be too.

T: A short bio about yourself? 3-4 lines that best describe you, what you do for a living and so…

A: Known as Mondok among my friends, I run a start-up company called The Florist and I’m also an experienced mountaineer in South East Asia. Hail from Shah Alam, Malaysia, I’ve climbed over 30 mountains in South East Asia including the G7, Fansipan Mountain, Mount Rinjani and many more. I’ve conquered the most dangerous mountain in the world, Huashan Mountain, and next would be Everest!

T: What would you want to be known for besides travelling? 

A: Cat rescuer!

T: What inspires you to travel and try various adventurous activities? 

A: I’m an active member of The Scouts Association of Malaysia so I’ve started mountaineering since I’m 13 y/o. The first mountain I climbed was Mount Rajah in Selangor, Malaysia, it’s 1,684M and I never look back since then. It’s become my career! Being a mountain guide with 30ascend, I constantly challenge myself to attain greater heights. All the experiences have thought me to be independent. Apart from climbing, I also have an open water diving licence.

T: Besides adventure, what excites you most about travelling? Meeting new people? Experiencing a new culture? Food?

A: I love to look at the people! There was once in Sapa, Vietnam, I met an old lady aged around 65-years-old but still have the strength to carry 70 kilos of bamboo on her back for a living. It made me think that nothing is impossible to succeed. I managed to record that moment and before we left.

T: Your favourite local destination and why?

A: My favourite local destination would be Gaya Island in Sabah. Being a nature lover, Gaya Island has the longest island zipline in the world. Apart from the pristine waters, it also has one of the best tropical forest in the Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park. I choose to backpack every time I visit Gaya Island to meet new people and spend mostly on nature-related excursions. I am always excited to visit ‘Gayo’ as I get to go for hiking, diving as well as parasailing!

T: Your best travel incident/story that might inspire young Muslims to travel.

A: In Islam, travel is part of the learning experience. For instant, when I visited Xi’an in China, I didn’t know that Xi’an was the first city in China to be introduced to Islam. After knowing it, I’m excited to know more about all the historical places in Xi’an. Another interesting fact about getting lost when travelling is you’ll be amazed by how much you know about yourself and the people around you. Remember, every day is a new adventure and instead of being a tourist, be a traveller.