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“I Want to Watch Hundreds of Hot Air Balloons Floating…” – Syafiyyah Naamat

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If Iceland is on your bucket list, then you should read this #tripfezroamers interview with Syafiyyah Naamat. Talking about her adventurous and funny travel experiences in Iceland, Syafiyyah will inspire you to book a ticket to Europe right away!

T: A short bio about yourself, a line or two that best describes you, what you do for a living and etc?
S: I love airplane so much, I took Aviation Course for my degree but now I realize that I love to TRAVEL on the airplane instead! Love to chase natures rather than cities.

T: What’s your favourite place you’ve visited?
S: Strange, unique, stunning, are some of the words that come to my mind when I think of ICELAND! I remember looking out of the plane window and seeing nothing but moss-covered lava fields, floating icebergs in the lagoons and snow-covered hill even though I was traveling during summer, strange right? Smelling steams rising from cracks in the ground (they smell like a fart, I swear!) and watching bubbling mud pots in the further NORTH. Mountains, fjords, bays, colourful birdlife and seals can be seen everywhere in the WEST. There is always a waterfall in every corner of Iceland. So many natural wonders here, and it really makes me feel like I’m stepping on another planet. I HEART Iceland!

T: What was the best moment of the entire trip?
S: A soak in the famous Blue Lagoon at the end of the trip is something I could never forget. There are more than 100 hot springs scattered around Iceland but Blue Lagoon is the most UNIQUE. It has milky-blue water that surrounded by black volcanic lava rocks. There is a small waterfall in there that feels amazing on my back, like a gentle massage. You can find a sauna and steam room within the cave. I also did enjoy the free clay mask. Swimming in the warm water against cold surrounding with these facilities really help me to relax after tiring one-week camping trip around Iceland.

T: What was the hardest or most frustrating part of the trip?
S: Crazy weather! It was raining when I went to Skogafoss and Seljalanfoss waterfall, I really need the sun so I can get beautiful pictures of the rainbow! It was gloomy when I visit the abandoned airplane and Reynisfjara black sand, again bad lighting for pictures! Cold and windy weather caused the shallow sea next to Vestrahorn mountain to be frozen, I could not run on that like how Kajol did in Dilwale movie (a Hindi movie)! Do you feel me?

T: Did anything go wrong that seems funny now?
S: I set up my tent close to Seljalanfoss waterfall. At first, it seems like a great idea so I could wake up in the morning with a nice view. Little did I know, the strong wind almost blew up my tent that night. I couldn’t even get a decent sleep because I was so worried that our tent would be blown away. Not just that, the weather was extremely cold. I woke up several times to make sure I’m still alive and thank god I survived.

T: What was the funniest/strangest/most insightful thing a local ever said to you?
S: That I should be extra careful when I speak to Bulgarian, Albanian and Macedonian. Their nods do not mean ‘yes’ and their shakes do not mean ‘no’. The meaning of these gestures is the opposite.

T: What place is top of your bucket list?
S: Fly to Beijing, take the Trans-Siberian Train that across both Mongolia and Russia, then take a ferry from St. Peterburg, Russia to Baltic Countries and finally fly back to Malaysia. Anyone would like to sponsor my trip? If yes I would quit my job right now and get ready for the 3 months trip!

T:  What can’t you travel without?
S: Sleeping bag, kettle, and thermos.

T: Do you prefer solo travel or with someone else?
S: I’ve experienced the pros and pains of both. Solo travel gives me a flexible schedule as I don’t need to wait for other people to get ready and it’s very easy to meet other travellers on the road. I can also choose when I want to be alone and when I want to hang out with others. However, group travel can be a lot of fun, I can share day-to-day experiences with my travel partner, I will have somebody to talk to during activity and the most important thing is that someone can watch my stuff while I go to the toilet. Personally, I prefer to travel with someone else in a small group up to 3 people only, who have the same interest in nature and cheap travel.

T: Where would you revisit? Would you ever move to any of those cities?
S: I wish I can re-visit Cappadocia, Turkey. I want to conquer all the hiking trails existed in Cappadocia. I want to watch hundreds of hot air balloons floating above the rock formations in the morning before sunrise while sipping Turkish tea.