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10 Best Picnic Spots In Malaysia You Didn’t Know Existed

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Do you long for a quick getaway but perhaps, your budget is not allowing you to go for a lavish vacation? Well, there are so many activities you can do to spend time with your loved ones, for instance, a picnic! Whether you are yearning for a breath of fresh air, a scenic view, or maybe just a place to chill and relax, Tripfez will provide you with 10 best picnic spots in Malaysia you didn’t know existed

1) Kepong Metropolitan Park, Klang Valley

Credit: puteri.coachgula

If you have no idea about the existence of this park perhaps because you have not spent much time doing outdoor activities. Located on the north side of Jinjang, you can come here and see a lot of people flying kites! And of course, this is a remarkable spot for a picnic too.

2) Kanching Rainforest Waterfall in Kanching Forest Reserve, Rawang

Credit: june.khooo

This great waterfall area is situated in between Selayang and Rawang and without a single doubt, this place is a cool break for those who want a change of views especially from the hectic life of the city. I will assure you that your picnic here would be an invigorating experience!

3) Brighton Beach, Miri, Sarawak

Credit: travellingprincessdiary

Also known by the locals as ‘Tanjong Lobang,’ Brighton Beach is an impeccable location for watching a beautiful sunset along with the refreshing sea breeze. While waiting, probably you can layout that picnic blanket and enjoy some snacks with your companies.

4) Tanjung Lipat, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Credit: mywanderfulsoul

You can enjoy your relaxing day at Tanjung Lipat as this is a great location for fishing and also picnic especially during the weekends. Located along the coastal roads of Kota Kinabalu City, this area not only offers picnic spots but also children’s playground and a food court.

5) Gunung Angsi in Negeri Sembilan

Credit: msopotasaurus

If you are not so much of just arriving at a place and have a picnic but more to an adventurous approach instead, then this place is for you. Why don’t you get some friends and go off the beaten path and sweat it out as you hike 825m up of Gunung Angsi, and of course, at the end of the effort, treat yourself with a picnic, accompanied with remarkable ambience!

6) Taman Saujana Hijau in Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur

Credit: suebahrin

Situated at Precinct 11, Putrajaya, this awesome recreational park is green and inviting! If you are a nature lover, you would definitely thank me for this. With vibrant and colourful flowers, acres of splendid landscaped lawns, as well as stunning pine trees, the hilly territory is not only ideal for a picnic but it is also great for those who want to snap beautiful photographs of nature.

7) Central Park 2 Desa Parkcity, Kuala Lumpur

Credit: adamchongmh

Have you ever won a jackpot before? Well, if you have never, let’s put it this way. When you see the Central Park 2 Desa Parkcity, it is similar to the feeling of hitting a jackpot. Yes! ‘THAT’ kind of emotion you receive when you are happy with what you see and get. The shimmering lake surrounded by an enclosed jogging track is a great start to greet your arrival. This park is blessed with well-kept lawns, a lovely lake, and park seats that make it an awesome place to bring your family, friends and even pet for a picnic.

8) Kerling Hot Spring, Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor

Credit: jep5049

Situated at Kampung Air Panas, the Kerling Hot Spring is only a few kilometres away from Kuala Kubu Bharu. With the hot spring available, you can also organize a relaxing picnic session with your loved ones here. Managed by the Hulu Selangor Municipal Council, this place is well-maintained.

9) Palm Beach Resort, Labuan, Malaysia

Credit: charleskaiii

Located on the duty-free island, Labuan, the Palm Beach Resort is situated in the southwestern part of Malaysian Borneo. With its attractive tropical gardens, this is a gem for its visitors. Providing free access for any visitors, perhaps, you can order a drink or two from their bar, and lay out your picnic blanket at their open beach!

10) Monkey Beach, Penang

Credit: shot2ibi

The Monkey Beach Penang is a secluded but a great place for you to have that calm picnic with your family or friends. The best way to enter the Monkey Beach is via the entrance of the National Park where you would have an option of a short boat ride or do a 1 hour and 30-minutes trek through one of the park trails in order for you to reach the beautiful beach. With a setting of the wilderness of the National Park, Monkey Beach is absolutely one of the loveliest and finest beaches in Penang.

A whole 10 list of places you can eye on when you decide to go for a fun picnic with your loved ones in the future! Be sure to take some great photos, but most importantly, I hope that you will be benefited from this article. For now, enjoy!