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14 Resources To Check Before Your Taiwan Trip – Muslim Traveller Edition

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Well known as one of the greatest tourist hot spots in Southeast Asia, Taiwan has garnered a reputation for having yummy food, Instagram-worthy urban and nature sightseeing opportunities and more. While Taiwan is a non-Muslims country, fortunately, there are a multitude of articles and videos to help guide the mindful Muslim traveller through the wonderful land of Taiwan. Ranging from useful maps to slices of history and even a mobile app, check out these Muslim friendly Taiwan resources to help get you around.

Essential Introduction to Taiwan [Infographic]

Taiwan itinerary blog infographic
Source: The Culture Trip

Thanks to the team at The Culture Trip who created this infographic guide. It’ll give you a quick overview of Taiwan basics, including the main Taiwan attractions to help you to visualize your itinerary. Check the full infographic here.

Where to go in Taiwan: 10+ destinations not to miss

When the Portuguese first set eyes on the island we now know as Taiwan, they named it Ilha Formosa or Beautiful Isle. The name is an understatement because, more than beautiful, Taiwan is mysterious and multifaceted. You can spend a morning hiking through untouched forests and be in a bustling downtown area enjoying tea with a few nibbles in the afternoon. You can live years in Taiwan and honestly say that there is more to the country that you have yet to explore. But you don’t have to live years in Taiwan to get a taste of what it’s like. You can also visit these twelve exciting destinations for a glimpse through the mysteries of Taiwan.

12 things to do in Taiwan that tourists don’t know

There is more to Taiwan than meets the eye at first glance! Sip coffee in the highest Starbucks in the world, dip your toes in the Niagara Falls of Taiwan and release a sky lantern for your hopes and ambitious dreams. Check the whole list.

9 things to know before you go to Taiwan

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a novice, you should know that every country/culture has its little quirks. This article is a must-read so that you don’t make a fool out of yourself or missing out on the best hidden-to-tourists conveniences. And bring an umbrella!

Taipei city guide for Muslims

Halal food in Taiwan & mosques in Taiwan
Source: Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei

This comprehensive, Muslim-specific guide to Taipei City has been developed by the Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei. Find all Muslim-friendly amenities: mosques, halal food, praying facilities in one place.

24-hour itinerary for Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan is undeniably a hot spot for travellers for the past few years. It possesses an unbeatable mix of culture, history, tradition, food and of course, amazing places to visit. Taiwanese capital offers a wide range of exciting cityscape, the shopping paradise for shopaholics, scrumptious delicacies for eaters, and a mesmerizing countryside to boot for the free-spirited heart travellers. If you happen to find yourself with only one single day to spend in the city of Taipei, here is our guide to 24 hours in Taipei, just for you!

Taiwan Halal

Muslim friendly Taiwan resources/Halal Taiwan: find halal restaurants in Taipei and taipei mosques

Simple, convenient and effective, is a comprehensive site and app where you can find halal food, Muslim-friendly facilities, tourist attractions and various other details. Turn on your GPS and you’ll be shown all Muslim amenities nearby. There is also a section for community posts, adding the social element to your trip. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

Travelling in Taiwan for Muslims

This (slightly old) video about travelling in Taiwan for Muslims was created by Taiwan Tourism Bureau & Taiwan Visitors Association and features scenes of some of the most iconic landmarks such as Taipei 101 and more remote parts of the country like the Qingshui cliffs or the Taroko National Park. You can also get an inner view of the Taipei Grand Mosque and the camaraderie of Muslims as they pray, rest and partake in snacking provided by the Mosque.

Muslims in Taiwan

For those wondering about the history of Islam in Taiwan, this fact sheet is for you. Did you know that Islam traces its roots in Taiwan all the way back to the later period of the Ming dynasty and early period of the Chin dynasty?

Ramadan in Taiwan

Some lovely insights into observing the holy month of Ramadan as a Muslim in Taiwan. This interesting youtube video takes you on a journey through interviews with Muslims in the country and details the trials and tribulations of observing the fast in a country where Islam is a minority religion. Especially suitable if you or someone you know is heading to Taiwan during the holy month, you will also get glimpses of the Muslim community in Taiwan. The interview with Zainab Liang, a Taiwanese Muslim convert near the end of the video highlights the simple but beautiful story of her journey to Islam.

A Muslim’s guide to shopping in Taiwan

Looking for some proper, local memorabilia and souvenirs? Something for the loved ones back home or just a keepsake for yourself, something to say ‘I was here’? Pick up some jade trinkets (something Taiwan is known for) at The Jianguo Jade Market or some glass art from Tittot Glass Art Museum. This Muslim-friendly guide to shopping in Taiwan is a must-read so you know where to get the real (authentic) stuff before you spend any of your money.

10 things you should know about Bubble Tea [Infographic]

Muslim friendly Taiwan resources
Source: OC Weekly

Did you know that ‘bubble’ in the ‘bubble tea’ does NOT refer to the chewy tapioca balls? And why residents of Hong Kong shouldn’t order it using their slang? Check the full infographic here.

Taiwan: A traveller’s movie guide

Get a glimpse of a remote Taiwanese village, the beaches of Kenting or learn about the rebellion of one of Taiwan’s ‘aboriginal’ tribes, the Sediq against the Japanese. This article contains a nice little list of Taiwanese films you can watch to get acquainted with the country before touchdown.

7 questions about Taiwan you were too embarrassed to ask

Navigate Taiwan like a pro. Matt Long tells it as it is on the ground, from his personal experience. We’ve all got silly questions which we hope won’t escape our lips. This can happen though if you’ve not done enough homework on the country you’re about to visit or speak directly to someone who has ‘been there, done that’. This article can help make sure you don’t end up putting your foot in your mouth.

What are your favourite Muslim friendly Taiwan resources?

Share with us in the comments! And if need to book a Muslim-friendly hotel in any city, visit our Taiwan country guide for Muslim travellers that also has a Qibla map and a prayer time calendar so you don’t miss your prayer.

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