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Since the Muslim travel market is booming and is said to be worth 145 billion dollars, so it’s only fair that we see an increase in Muslim travel bloggers.

As we know there are many factors that need to be considered before planning your trip. One perfect example is whether the country you’d like to visit can provide Muslim-friendly necessities such as halal food, accommodations, activities and so on. You want to feel comfortable and content knowing that your requirements will be met.

And so here is where travel bloggers step in and help us in making these decisions: as they know everything that entails in planning for the perfect trip. Regardless if you want to plan your trip or admire and enjoy their aesthetically pleasing images, here are 5 Muslim travel bloggers leaving us consumed by wanderlust.

1. Hijabi Globetrotter

Hijabi Globetrotter provides handy tips for Muslim travel girls.
Source: Hijabi Globetrotter

Kareemah’s blog is centred around her adaptation to a new life in Spain, after relocating from Ohio, USA for the first time as a solo Muslim female traveller. Her hopes were that her travel would allow her to see a different perspective of the world through learning the Spanish culture and language.

We love how open Hijabi Globetrotter is with her audience about the difficulties she faced in dealing with strict parents as they were very much against the idea of her living abroad. Something that many many girls can relate to and so provides tips on how to get your parents to understand your passion for travel. Kareemah also provides handy tips for Muslim travel girls.

On her Muslim girl blog, we recommend that you read her post on lessons from a solo traveller in which she gives tips to her readers regarding her experience of being a Muslim solo traveller.

Hijabi Globetrotter writes about:

  • Muslim friendly travel in Spain
  • Solo Muslim girl travels
  • Halal food in Spain
  • Learning the Spanish language

P.S. Hijabi Globetrotter is also a Muslim vlogger! Be sure to check out her YouTube channel where you’ll get an insight into the Muslim lifestyle of a traveller.

2. The Tudung Traveller

The Tudung Traveller is a Muslim travel blogger as well as a notable writer with many published works.
Source: The Tudung Traveller

Atikah Amalina, the founder of The Tudung Traveller is a Muslim travel blogger as well as a notable writer with many published works. Atikah has written for publications such as Gaya Magazine, Pink Pangea and Wandering Wanderers to inspire Muslim girls and motivate them to leave their homes (at least shortly) and travel. She shares her travel stories with her readers on what it’s like to be a solo halal girl traveller and how to make the most of it.

While she is currently based in Singapore, she is of Malay background. This has influenced the name her blog, Tudung Traveller, as the term Tudung is the Malay word for hijab/headscarf which showcases her pride in being a hijab-wearing travel girl, as well as her heritage.

Atikah’s Muslim travel blog showcases the many places she’s travelled to. We recommend to start reading her European travel stories.

The Tudung Traveller writes about:

  • Muslim friendly European destinations which are a part of her bucket list
  • Motivational and empowering posts for Muslim girl travellers
  • Major Southeast Asian tourist spots

3. Muslim Travel Girl

Muslim Travel Girl is one of the best Muslim-friendly travel blogs.
Source: Muslim Travel Girl

Meet the founder of one of the best Muslim-friendly travel blogs, Elena Nikolova. Her free-spirited personality has captured the attention of many publications such as The Huffington Post, Islam Channel, Business Travel and BBC.

She is perhaps one of the most relatable Muslim bloggers due to the fact that she grew up in the UK  and is of a multicultural background. After converting to Islam, Elena realised that many Muslims don’t travel enough or some don’t even travel at all as they are apprehensive about the unsettlement in the world. So, she created her blog to help them plan the ultimate Muslim trip.

Elena’s mission is to help fellow Muslims discover the unexplored world and travel without having to overspend. From providing budget-friendly travelling tips and creating a series dedicated to Umrah to her motivating quotes that make us want to pack out bags and travel the world.  

With many Muslimah blogs available out there in the internet world, it’s hard to find original content. However, Muslim Travel Girl’s Umrah Series is definitely one of a kind. From tips on budgeting, getting a visa, to finding a place to stay in Mecca, Muslim Travel Girl has got it all covered.

Muslim Travel Girl writes about many destinations around the world:

  • Muslim-friendly travel in European countries and Southeast Asia
  • Travel tips and tricks
  • Hotel Reviews

4. Passports and Plates

Passports and Plates is mostly about halal food and budget-friendly halal restaurants.
Source: Passports and Plates

Arab-American Muslim travel and Halal foodie blogger, Sally Elbassir helps travellers find the best travel experiences and local food on a budget. We love her photographic destination guides that include delicious halal eats and things to do.

Born in Ireland and raised in California she boarded her first plane at the age of 10 and since has not looked back. Having visited 26 countries so far and counting, Sally gives us major wanderlust with her stunning pictures and adventure stories. Sally’s site is also a halal food blog, where she expresses her love for street food. Other than that, she also provides a list of budget-friendly halal restaurants. When travelling, Sally is very passionate about learning about new cultures and personal growth.

Sally was featured on Huffington Post’s American Muslims who are challenging Islamophobia through travel. There she opened up about her motivation behind starting Passport and Plates: it should be a channel to encourage Muslims to travel despite the media’s portrayal of Islam and Muslims – and we couldn’t agree more.

The Muslim travel blogger has been very vocal about Muslims not travelling and hopes to reverse that issue by inspiring them through her blog. Her post in Muslims Need to Travel discusses the problems that many Muslims face when travelling and why they should not feel intimidated by any of the factors.

We also love that Sally gives insights into the culture of the places she visits not only for inspiration but also an education. To get inspired by Sally, and feed your inner nomad, check out her blog.

Passport and Plates also writes about travelling to Europe, Asia and Africa:

  • Scrumptious Eateries
  • Travel tips on budgeting
  • Muslim friendly itineraries

5. Muslim Travelers

Muslim Travelers is one of the Muslim travel bloggers that you shouldn't miss.
Source: Muslim Travelers

If you’re married and want to travel with your partner, then Huda and Zain are the perfect source for inspiration. This American couple has visited more the 200 cities around the world and they’re not stopping anytime soon!

Zain and Huda are simply awesome due to the fact they partake in many Muslim-friendly activities such as hiking, rock-climbing and cooking, and aim to inspire others to do the same. They both have a bucket list that they document on their blog, which totally makes us want to create own list of things to do.

They have also created a Muslim travel guide called  “The Umrah and Hajj” with valuable tips, tricks and general information on planning the perfect trip to Umrah and/or Hajj. This halal travel blog provides many helpful resources for Muslim travellers. Since it’s wedding season, we recommend starting with this blog post on beautiful Muslim honeymoon destinations.

Muslim Travelers also write about:

  • They have a bucket list of 200+ things they’d like to achieve in the world, out of which they have currently completed 148.
  • Halal Hotels in Asia, Europe, USA and Canada
  • Travel to Hajj and Umrah

These 5 famous Muslim travellers will inspire you to put together your own plans for travel, as well as educating you on different cultures and traditions. When it comes to meeting new people, exploring new places and gaining new experiences, whilst learning more about not only the world but yourself too, these know how to do it best.

Are You Inspired By These Muslim Travel Bloggers?

Share your favourite bloggers with us! Perhaps from reading about Muslim bloggers, it will make you want to travel. Don’t have any idea where to go? Check out the list of destinations that Tripfez have. Do you have a bucket list? If so, let us know in the comment section below.

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