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Nyepi – Bali’s New Year Festival

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Nyepi: Bali’s day of silence.

Not your typical New Year Festival in Bali.

Have you ever travelled to Bali or even had a thought about it? Bali is one of the most visited islands in Indonesia, located between the eastern tip of the island of Java and west of the island of Lombok. Here’s something unique about Bali that you can’t find elsewhere!


(Pura Tirta Empul)

Different from other places, Bali celebrates their New Year Festival in silence. Nyepi is the day of silence, fasting, and self-reflection for Balinese. However, there are 4 rules that need to be followed for Nyepi.

  1. Amati Geni: which means no light or fire even electricity.
  2. Amati Karya: no working activities are allowed.
  3. Amati Lelunganan: no travelling. The airport and shops will be closed on that day.
  4. Amati Lelanguan: no entertainment and everyone is required to fast.


(Uluwatu Temple)

Photo credit: Nur Hafizah Hanis

Nyepi’s eve

A festival of Ogoh-Ogoh will be held before Nyepi starts. Ogoh-ogoh is a man-made statue or figure as a symbol of monster or bad spirit. The festival will be held at night before Nyepi until the morning of Nyepi day. After that, they will burn the Ogoh-ogoh and scream as loud as they can to ‘chase away’ the bad spirits. However, in certain places in Bali they will sell the Ogoh-ogoh back to local. The Ogoh-ogoh can cost more than million rupiah depending on the size. Everyone should stock up their food because all restaurants will be closed early.



Photo credit: blitarnews


(Dreamland Beach)

Photo credit: Nur Hafizah Hanis

Day of Nyepi

Nyepi usually starts at 6:00AM local time and is celebrated for only 24 hours. Balinese have been celebrating this sacred event since 1959. Thus, everyone need to stay in their house for self-reflection. This is a great time to do painting or even stargazing at complete darkness. Besides that, some believed that this celebration is the only time for Mother Nature to relax. Moreover, the benefit of Nyepi shows decreasing amount about 40 to 60 percent of the usage of electricity and can save up to 4.2 million Rupiah. Nyepi not only works as a religious celebration but helps in reducing the amount of carbon dioxide and reduce 33% of greenhouse effect.  In other word, Nyepi is similar to Earth Hour.

Amazing, ain’t it? Definitely not your typical New Year celebration.

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Article edited by Erica. Written by Safi.

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