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Discover Palawan Island, Philippines Like A Pro!

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Heaven on earth; that is what we like to address Palawan, Philippines. Yes, there are plenty of other Islands that are beautiful and mesmerizing, that is for sure, but Palawan boasts its own unique beauty and opulence. With green rainforests, grandiose mountains, primitive caves, virgin beaches, and breathtaking sunset view, you have to come and experience the abundance it offers on your own to verify our bold yet true statement.

Therefore, in this piece, we will give a little bit of a guideline on how you could discover Palawan like a Pro tackling almost all elements needed to be explored! Are you ready? Mabuhay Philippines, here we come.

1. Top of the list, visit El-Nido

El-Nido is a hidden gem situated in the centre of Bacuit Bay. It possesses the Philippines largest wildlife preservation area. It is situated approximately 238 kilometres north of Puerto Princesa. This famous nature spot has the right to brag upon its diverse ecosystems such as coral reefs, limestone cliffs, white sandy beaches, mangroves, and rainforests. Some of the things you can do to explore El-Nido like a certified Pro is by scuba diving, cliff climbing, check out its splendid waterfalls, or do a fun cave exploration. Spice up your adventure, you will be surprised!

El Nido, Palawan
Credit: jen.jen.d

**Halal Info: Good news fellow Muslim travellers. In line with the increasing of the Muslim population in the beautiful Island of El-Nido, there is more Halal food available. In case, it’s no luck for you to find any Halal food, opt for seafood which of course, is available everywhere!

2. Island hopping at Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa

Let’s go Island hopping. This is one of the best ways to explore Palawan like a PRO! Honda Bay in Puerto Princesa has several islands that you can pick from and that includes one of the most famous and LONGEST Island, the Snake Island. This place is uninhabited, very secluded, and breathtaking too. An amazing spot to dive in and go snorkelling.

Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa, Palawan
Credit: macaaronichiz

3. Jungle trekking at Mt. Darala, Palawan

Situated at the tallest mountain in the ever-stunning Calamianes Group of Islands, north of Palawan, it is a definite place to go if you wish to trek, explore the nature and at the same time face a challenging encounter from Mother Nature. Of course, when you finally reach the top, nothing beats the view. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water to stay hydrated and get that smartphone of yours ready to snap splendid pictures along the way.

Mt. Darala
Credit: photogeographer

4. Explore the Underground River, Puerto Princesa’s Subterranean River

Now let’s check out the infamous Underground River, Puerto Princesa’s Subterranean River, Palawan. This amazing spot can be found 50 km away from Puerto Princesa. It has the world’s longest Underground River. How cool is that? Insane! Here, you can take your time riding a paddle boat and the exploration will usually take around an hour inside the subterranean river. You will be presented with a breathtaking view of limestone formations along with other beautiful natural treasures of the world. Oh! Don’t forget to say hello to BATMAN inside the cave. Kidding! Bats. Say Hello to bats.

Underground River, Puerto Princesa's Subterranean River
Credit: lucy_mcguinness

5. Diving at Coron Bay, Palawan

Forbes Magazine has named Coron Bay as one of the top 10 best dive sites worldwide! Situated in North Palawan, it is nestled between Busuanga and Culion Islands. The surrounding area of this place is perfect for diving but there is a particular bay which is famous among avid divers as it is the best wreck diving spot in the world. So bring those gears of yours equipped with great anticipation, and you are ready to conquer Coron Bay!

One of the popular dive sites in the Philippines is in Coron bay.
Credit: 2xotix

6. Catch a sunset and dip into a Hot Spring at Mt. Tapyas, Coron, Palawan

If you are looking for something more calm and relaxing, perhaps catching a sunset and dipping into a Hot Spring at Mt. Tapyas, Coron, Palawan are just the right activities for you. The sunset view they say is just remarkable. You have to hike up 718 steps up Mt. Tapyas. A good advice is to do it early in the morning for sunrise or late evening just in time for sunset.

Maquinit Hot Spring, Mt. Tapyas, Palawan
Credit: marky.travel

7. Be pampered in a Halal Resort at Huma Island Resort & Spa

Huma Island Resort & Spa
Credit: altheasadventures

Yes, you read it right. A Halal Resort at the Huma Island Resort & Spa, Palawan! Why not check into a resort that provides Halal everything. They have a full Halal menu, a private villa, and pool as well as complete prayer/mosque facilities on the Island Resort itself. There will be a prayer mat and a compass for ‘Qibla’ direction. Plus, no alcohol will be served in the villas. You can try island hopping, diving, snorkelling and a lot more while you’re here.

Huma Island Resort & Spa
Credit: deeeendeeee

There you have it. We have listed pretty much everything for you to be able to explore Palawan like a PRO! From hiking the mountain tops, paddling in an underground river, to pampering yourself at a luxurious resort, you can expect more than just a relaxing holiday when you visit Palawan.