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“When You’re Traveling Alone, The Only Person You Can Depend On is Yourself” – Indina Indah

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Hello Tripfezroamers,

We have a really cute dwarf sharing her travel stories with us. No, we’re not that mean to call our darling Indiana a dwarf, she came up with that!

T: A short bio about yourself,a line or two that best describe you, what you do for living and etc
I: Si Pindik (dwarf) who works from 8-5 during weekdays and a solo traveler who always daydream about quitting her job and travel the world when she’s 30 y/o. Well apparently I still have another 3 years to go. I NEED TO START SAVING FROM NOW!
T:What would you want to be known for besides traveling?
I: I’m a bathroom singer and believe me I can go MIA with no trace at all.
T:What inspires you to travel cheap when many choose to go with 5-star accommodation and best airlines to fly with? 
I:I’M JUST BROKE. HAHAHA. There’s a lot of argument recently on “travel luxury vs backpacker style”.People are sharing their  ‘budget’ itineraries which  I think is good but it has become ugly when people think that the less you spend, the more “real backpacker” you are.
The point of traveling is to see the other side of the world, and if you could afford to travel luxury, why not? Sometimes I travel in a very tight budget and If  I have  extra budget i would splurge a little bit but how I wish I could travel the world for free :p
People keep asking me if I ever feel lonely when I travel alone? NEVER! That’s the only time when I can learn so much about myself and the things that I’m capable of. I used to be a shy person back then but solo traveling has taught me to step forward and talk to strangers. I learn how to negotiate with people in order to get the best price and learn to trust my instinct. When you’re traveling alone, the only person you can depend on is yourself.
T:Your favorite local destination and why?
I:Langkawi & Semporna (specifically Mabul Island). FOOD! Because of the FOOD! There are so many things that you can do in Langkawi such as food hunting, shopping (chocolate), chasing sunsets, parasailing, island hopping and many more. My sister and I will go to Langkawi at least once (or more) a year just for food hunting. Our favorite food spot is nasi lemak kuning near Kuah Town. Always my favorite place!
I love Mabul Island because  you can see crystal clear water and the life of sea gypsies. It’s humbling to be able to spend time there and eat cheap seafood.  I woke up in the morning and straightly jump into the sea. It’s heaven on earth. Make me realize that I just want to live a simple and happy life.
T:Your best travel incident/story that might inspire young women to travel
I:I would say my best travel story is when I managed to conquer Everest Base Camp (EBC) last September. It was 10 days of trekking, over 130 kilometers with 5364 meters of elevation. I was traveling solo to Nepal for that mission and hired a guide but technically I was trekking alone since my guide was too fast. I have short legs,what do you expect?  It was the hardest physical and mental challenge but seriously the most amazing and humbling experience ever. I lost count of how many times I said I wanted to give up but luckily I didn’t and kept going.
On the way to EBC, I had encountered my first snow but I was so not happy ( I was literally cursing myself).The snow makes my journey even harder. I was shivering while trekking but luckily I survived.Once reached the EBC,I  cried and shouted “My parents are gonna be so proud of me”.
T:What’s your advise to Muslim travelers especially women?
I:JUST GO! Put some things in your backpack and go but stay safe.Do your research about that particular place. Keep your fear in check. Dress modestly to respect the culture. Bring positive attitude and be confidence.
There is no better way to find out about a particular place than to go and experience it yourself. I’ve had beautiful encounters with strangers while travelling and I’m so thankful for that.It makes my journey even more meaningful. Sometimes, it’s not just about the destination.It’s about the people. The food. The experiences. The self-discovery. The survival. The appreciation of life. You’ll come home with different perspective and a new “YOU”.
for sharing your amazing travel experience.